British Patriot Society Traitor Exposed. Exclusive.

The Daily Bale has been forwarded exclusive info on who got the British Patriot Society page shut down.


Mohsin Kamran got in touch with one of our undercover Bale reporters through a friend of his who knew our man on the ground.

Mohsin told our reporter that he had been approached on facebook by a woman name Maggie Chapman


Maggie had asked mohsin to do her a favour and to double report the British Patriot Society page and she would pay him for it.

She told him that if he did it then the page was more likely to get shut down because of his race – if he reported that he found it threatening to him and had been intimidated by it.

Mohsin did what she asked him to do, and the British Patriot Society page did indeed get shut down with 20,000 likes.

Mohsin told our reporter that maggie then dumped him and told him to take a jump for his money – and who would believe him anyway ? she told him.

But maggie obviously never banked on Mohsin finding his way to one of our undercover investigative reporters with the Daily Bale.

We believe that maggie used Mohsin to get the Patriot Society closed down, and then dumped him so that she could claim that she had found the person responsible for it, by then exposing Mohsin as the man who did it – and she did then go on to do just that on the anti bale, (Bale Out) page, and tried to regain some kind of credit again with the right wing after she had already been exposed by The Daily Bale as a Hope Not Hate undercover agent.

The anti bale, (Bale Out) page on facebook is a crackpot anti bale protest page against the Daily Bale, consisting mainly of weirdos and sickos that the Daily Bale has already exposed as being left wing perverts, sickos and undercover left wing weirdos.

Maggie is heavily connected to these sickos and posts regulary on their page, consisting of about 128 likes by angry lefties who were outed by the Daily Bale and now have nowhere to turn, apart from to other shamed sickos also exposed by the Daily Bale.

tut tut maggie, that was a nasty trick, even for you !

Maggie Chapman

Right peeps.The British Patriot Society page hit 20.000 likes and was taken down because of this creep reporting it.I have it on good authority that he was responsible for reporting the page as being a credible threat to violence.He is now trying to do the same with BSP2 Can we please report him to stop him getting yet another decent patriot page removed?

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2 thoughts on “British Patriot Society Traitor Exposed. Exclusive.

  1. Hiya:-
    My name is ‘ Mohsin ‘ ‘ Kamran ‘ Above given information about me is not 100% correcct. If any of you wants to know about truth tha you can contact me on my number 00994554478513. I don’t have any link with Maggie Chapman and I can prove it. I have her Facebook messages ( conversation with me ). I can provide you.
    Currently I’m living in Baku , Azerbaijan republic. Thank you
    ‘ Mohsin ‘ ‘ Kamran ‘

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