Anti Fascist Left Wing Hope Not Hate Supporters in Devil Worship Cult

The Daily Bale has been given exclusive info on a sick left wing politically correct anti fascist devil worship cult, operating in the new forest area.


Weird left wing anti fascist sickos operate within the forest and congregate to worship at the sacred stones.


A small hut used to practice sick rituals and animal remains have been found nearby.


Large tents have been put up in the forest openings and loud music and chanting heard by local residents.

One local resident told our reporter –

“these sickos come and go throughout the night, they chant and scream weird noises, and we have heard them chanting and screaming like wild animals in the dead of night.

My husband went out there to take a closer look, but he was stopped near the camp by a weird looking hippy type white person with dreadlocks who asked my husband if he was a Hope Not Hate rep. My husband told him that he was not a hope not hate rep, but just a local resident.

My husband was then chased off the path and called a ‘fascist and racist scum’.

These people are vile evil left wing savages, and something has got to be done about these awful people.

They call themselves the moral elite, but they are just evil drop outs and dole scroungers.

Why does society listen to these animals and take orders about political correctness and all that rubbish ?

These people are obviously sick vile left wing thugs and monsters”


Our reporter found weird inscriptions on the forest gates near the camp, and heard chanting and vile anti British phrases being jeered and shouted from within the woods.

A man walking his dog told our reporter – “i wouldnt go any further into that forest, there are weirdos and left wing perverts all over these parts, they are vile foul sick perverts”

Our reporter made his excuses and left.

Daily Bale reporter –  Jake Carlton.


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  1. I would but I’m riddled with decay as I was funnily and hilariously murdered a few years back. My death is utterly amusing

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