Jewish banker steals from Help for Heroes charity pot

A Jewish Left-Wing Banker and fraudster stole more than £9,000 from the Valley Aviation Society, which is an organisation based at Prince William’s RAF base.

Bank worker Kevin Hughes, 32, was treasurer of the charity at RAF Valley on Anglesey which raised cash for Help for Heroes and a hospice for terminally-ill children.


Mr. Hughs: posing for a photo on his Facebook account

But a court heard Hughes used the cash to pay off his personal credit card bills.

Hughes was a volunteer with the Valley Aviation Society – a group of enthusiasts based at RAF Valley in North Wales, he was also a responsible member of the North Wales Jewish synagogue.

Prince William is a search and rescue helicopter pilot at RAF Valley on the island of Anglesey where he and the Duchess of Cambridge have a cottage.

Prosecutor David Mainstone said: ‘The charity raised funds for Help for Heroes and the Hope House children’s charity.

‘Hughes was responsible for banking the cash that was raised in fundraising events.
‘But money handed over to him was never deposited.’

The missing money was discovered when the charity’s bosses became concerned about its financial position.

Mr Mainstone said: ‘They invited the treasurer to explain himself and he confessed to taking money and asked them not to report it to police.
‘But he was arrested and told police he took the money after finding himself short at the end of the month.’

Hughes, an HSBC bank worker, of Holyhead, Anglesey, admitted theft of £9,345, fraud and false accounting.

He was given an eight-month suspended jail sentence and ordered to carry out 200 hours unpaid work.

Judge Timothy Petts told him: ‘You took money the charity could ill afford to lose.
‘This was a breach of trust which impacted on Valley Aviation Society and others.’

(sourced from the Daily Mail with additions from the Daily Bale)

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22 thoughts on “Jewish banker steals from Help for Heroes charity pot

  1. This is disgusting. Anti-Semitic. I look forward to the news of JB being put behind bars for racial/ethnic hatred. Whilst I agree with the freedom of speech, turning an article into an attack on the Jewish religion is despicable.
    First off, the event happened in 2012, second, there is no mention that Mr Hughes was Jewish, third, the picture is quite clearly an anti Semitic representation of a Jew who isn’t even Mr Hughes (the Daily Mail has a picture of the real Mr Hughes).
    And to have ‘The Eternal Jew’ as one of your tags… a disgusting film aimed to incite anti Semitic sentiment in Nazi Germany is unforgivable.

  2. Hi TSI, nice to see you taking the time to comment on our blog again. You must spend a lot of time looking Here on articles and probably have the daily bale stored In your bookmarks. Thank you for the support

  3. Umm, ‘EDL John’ is just another imaginary ‘friend’ of Bonehill’s. He doesn’t literally exist.

    Anyone with half a brain can see this *cough* ‘news source’ for what it is so don’t sweat it. In the grand scheme of things, The Daily Bale is going nowhere, is no threat to anyone whatsoever and there is no danger of it ever being taken seriously outside of the deranged mind that is Bonehill’s head.

    We just have to face the fact that sadly in life, some people such as Bonehill have a serious mental disorder for which sadly, has no cure. We really shouldn’t stress ourselves over a racist schizophrenic sociopath with dissociative identity disorder and a free pass to his mum’s laptop.

  4. EDL John says:
    February 16, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    “Shut up left scum, why would I or anybody listen to you or your left wing buddies? If I owned this site I wouldn’t even let you comment here. Keep preaching, nobody is listening to you.”

    You should listen to us because unlike you, we have an actual explanation of the crises that goes beyond typical “TEH JOOS DID IT VOTE UKIP !!!1!!!!”. Pick up a fucking book or read some decent newspapers/magazines and educate yourself on world history and economics. You’ll learn just how many of your beliefs are demonstrably untrue. Better yet, hang yourself and do the world a favour. You contribute nothing other than hate and deceit, the world will be better off without you.

  5. The crash was caused by right-wing bankers you tit. Some of them may have been Jews, but thats irrelevant. The right-wing under Thatcher and Reagan in the US deregulated the finance industry which led to economic instability. The left had nothing to do with it, and if you think they did then you are truly a fucking idiot. You have no idea how the world works, do you?

  6. You are fucking crazy. Do you have ANY sources at all to support those claims, or is it just typical small-minded stupidity, typical of a nationalist?

  7. See here’s the thing, they steal from our economy, cause the recession and if that’s not enough, now they are stealing from charities. The leftist parasite needs dealing with

  8. And guess who owns tesco? THE JEWS and who owns the banks? THE JEWS and who has invaded the British political scene? THE JEWS and who is stealing from us? THE JEWS and who is invading Palestine and causing a holocaust? THE JEWS. So this is no big surprise, THE JEWS!!!!! And Jewsnews fail to report this, thanks for sharing Daily Bale

  9. Shut up left scum, why would I or anybody listen to you or your left wing buddies? If I owned this site I wouldn’t even let you comment here. Keep preaching, nobody is listening to you.

  10. Are you literally brain dead? Wait, don’t answer. From your username I can infer it.
    This never happened. There is no source for this. There is no reason to believe that it is true.

  11. Going by the moronic bullshit articles Bonehill keeps posting, seems he WANTS to go to prison on the 28th. Perhaps going down will be the only sex this sad little toe-rag will ever get.

  12. This never happened you fuck-nugget. There’s no source for anything that has ever been posted on this site. Bonehill is a sad, lonely, hateful little freak who tries to make himself seem important by spouting bile. He makes countless little fake accounts to comment on his shit and follow his pages to make him seem like he has any kind of influence. I wouldn’t be surprised if the account I’m replying to is a Bonehill soc puppet. The funniest part is that a quick look at Bonehills facebook page shows that he doesn’t have any real friends, and that a quick look at the followers of the Bale twitter account are nearly all fake! He’s a little freak with too much time on his hands and too much hate in him.

  13. What’s sick is that the two verminous lefties who commented above are defending a man who stole from h4h

  14. shocked – what are you trying to do? this is another lie. The guy was not a jewish banker.

    I can’t believe people like you can get away with this sort of thing. Disgusting

  15. You are a fucking disgusting piece of sit Bonehill. What you don’t know is that the cops know about every stinking lie you’ve posteed here. And what YOU don’t know is that your whole life is over, starting the 28th this month.

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