Blackcurrant Jam to be banned because its ‘racist’

The Daily Bale has learnt that Blackcurrant Jam is to be removed from our shelves by 2015 because politically correct activists believe that it is racist.


Blackcurrant Jam: to be removed from our shelves by 2015 if the left-wing have their way

Blackcurrant Jam has been a staple of the British diet for centuries but now human rights activists from the Labour party are campaigning against the jam because they feel it “persecuted black people” by the use of the word “black”, assuming that black people are “currant-like” in appearance.

Labour Party and Unite activist, Jim Monckton of Wales said ‘Blackcurrant Jam is clearly an offensive term that is far too racist for modern day Britain, we seek to permanently remove the title from British supermarket shelves by 2015’.

The Labour Party was already successful in banning ‘Blackboards’ and ‘golliwogs’ from British culture and there is much speculation to state that they will be successful in this latest bid to ban a product with the word Black in it.

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy

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12 thoughts on “Blackcurrant Jam to be banned because its ‘racist’

  1. OK….. so where’s the link to the petition to stop this nonesence, I just signed one to save Black pudding now I want to sign one to save Blackcurrent Jam too.

  2. load of bollox. its a fruit what grows near enough anywhere in our country sides.. Whats been named blackcurrent because its ( black ) and its a ( current ) people who find it offensive shouldnt be in our country if they dont like our language…

  3. What a load of bull does that mean the colour black will need to be renamed so every word with black in the english dictionary needs re-writing total madness 😦 why is it only the word black is racist, white line, white paint arent they just colours?????

  4. That’s because he IS a fucking fruitcake. Nothing but a cancer on society, and probably a paedophile.

  5. my name was goshawk should i have changed it cos im not a bird of prey stupid isnt the word if the powers that be used as much hot air putting things that matter to rights in this country we might get somewhere sack all the idiots and get normal people into their jobs

  6. EXCLUSIVE. STOP THE PRESS! Joshua Bonehill Paine forced to change his name by deed pol. The Daily Bile has discovered that loony leftwing weirdos and perverts have frogmarched Joshua (aka pretty much any name who comments about any of his posts in support online) to the deed pol place. Upon arrival it was explained to Joshua that aspects of his name were misleading as his lack of backbone was not conducive towards the “Bone” part of his title. It was also pointed out that Joshua was in no way a “hill” so it would only be fair to have “Bonehill” removed from his identity. The leftwing dope smoking trouble makers which included the proprietors and staff from a public house in the Midlands, the majority of Hope not Hate, members of several local papers and some members of UKIP said that Joshua could keep his first name but insisted that his surname be changed to Pain. Josh commented “It doesn’t really bother me to be honest. I spend so much time pretending to be other people I sometimes forget what my original name is.” Other members of the Bale team were unavailable for comment.

  7. Complete and utter bullshit. Not an ounce of truth to this. Step-up your game, boyo, you’re making yourself look like a fucking fruitcake.

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