Labour Party: “We will introduce state funded Islamic schools in 2015”

A new proposal under the Labour party could see that some church of England schools are replaced by Islamic schools in order to embrace multiculturalism at primary school age level.


State funded Islamic schools: white British children wearing burkas alongside Muslim kids.

The proposal which is being drawn up by Ed Miliband seeks to bring cultural fairness across the board and allow the Muslim council of great Britain to provisionally run the proposed islamic schools. 

In the interest of fairness, application to entry of these ‘Islamic Schools’ would be open to anybody from any cultural or religious background but uniform rules would apply to all, meaning that a white British girl would be made to wear the traditional Islamic burka whilst boys would be made to wear Islamic robes.

A spokesman for the Labour Party, John Chapman said, ‘The idea of having Islamic schools running alongside state Christian schools is an exciting idea and the way forward in terms of bettering Britain’s understanding of the islamic religion’

‘These state funded Islamic schools would be maintained by the Islamic council of great Britain who currently form an impromptu government over the Islamic states of great Britain, we seek to further our relationship with the council and work with them constructively to build a better multiculturalist future for Britain’.

The Labour party would hope to have the first Islamic School up and running by 2017, providing its a success then they plan a further 20 across the country for 2018,

This new move comes amidst a series of new policy moves introduced by the Labour Party which they hope to implement should they win the general election in 2015.

Should Britain have state funded Islamic Schools?

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Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy

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50 thoughts on “Labour Party: “We will introduce state funded Islamic schools in 2015”

  1. And that’s why I’m repatriating. We have to face it: we’re not going to win against this imposing force, we’re far to deep already. The [Sunni] birth-rate alone will be enough – it’s exponentiating against our own peoples growth. I think in the next 20 years, the UK (and many other European countries) will be getting a very good taste of what life is like in Israel, living next to a bunch of violent Islamic lunatics trying to eliminate you at any given opportunity.

  2. There will never be peace with islam. The more we appease them the worse it becomes. Their ultimate goal is “Total World Domination” and they are commanded in their unholy qur’an to fight and kill us (the Infidel) until we all submit to allah and become muslims

  3. This country is british not muslim they come to this country they should dress our way and abide by our rules if they dont like it move back to their own country. Islam is trying to rule the world the labour government and all governments are hypocritical clowns

  4. i wrote to the Labour party regarding this! and received this reply….”The Labour Party has no plans to introduce replace Church of England schools with Islamic Schools – this is a hoax story which has been fabricated and spread by a website run by people with extreme views who routinely create malicious hoaxes against the Labour Party.”

  5. We should avoid expanding religious schools. If this happens then other religions will demand the same treatment and as one commentator above mentions – what are these islamic states that exist in UK? News to me as well. Much prefer the French secular tradition when it comes to schooling and this also includes not wearing clothing associated with religion in a school – pupils as well as teachers.

  6. There should be no faith schools at all, they are diversive and unnecessary,if someone want to ;earn about religion that is fine, but it needs to be about all religions in schools, and the other stuff left to mosques and churches.

  7. We want fewer religious schools, not more but sadly we are going in the opposite direction in the name of being fair to other faiths. We have C of E and Catholic schools for historic reasons as the Church schools were already there when mass education became compulsory in 1870. I wish people would remember that the C of E ones were set up to serve the parish (ie the local community) not just those who could provide a letter from the vicar saying they attend church and help out with the jumble sales. I should prefer to see no religious schools but the first thing we should do is have a fair admissions policies for all schools so that anyone can go to the one nearest them whatever its religious affiliation.

  8. 0.8% of the UK describe themselves religiously as ‘Jedi’ as tax payers it seems entirely reasonable for the force to be with them and have state funded jedi colleges.

  9. Disaster waiting to happen, they will be closed in a matter of months when they try and run them in accordance with a religion and culture at odds with education standards of the rest of the country. Imam’s will try and dictate terms and children will be treated in a way not acceptable to British law. If state funded how will non muslim children be educated or will entry be regulated (discrimination). School will become a target for fanatics from both sides.

  10. In mosques and Islamic schools they indoctrinate people and pupils to hate and kill non-Muslims.

  11. Sadly, I think this just Labour pandering for votes. Religious schools whatever the faith are simply to indoctrinate, they are not about multiculturalism.

  12. Why can’t we get rid of all faith schools? It’s no longer relevant to our lives. Islamic, Christian, Jewish, whatever. Faith is not part of most people’s lives.

  13. Queen is head of church of England will she allow this?? and my daughter says i have to home school her cos she aint gonna wear a head dress of any kind. And why should my kids go to a muslim school?? that is just not on, we were here first, and there are polish and romanian kids in her school, why should they be subjected to islam also. This country is so messed up

  14. Hmmm I don’t agree with this. There is one thing having a CofE school, which doesn’t aim to throw the religion down your throat and gives you the option to sit out of religious ceremonies (some school may not be the same, but my local CofE schools do), and an Islamic school which will force you to have to wear their religious clothing and follow their daily routines. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, it’s already happening elsewhere.

    If anything this will cause more segregation as I can imagine most non-muslim families will not want their kids to go to these schools. If I’m wrong, great, but still, it will be like 90% muslims. In CofE schools, most the kids don’t have religious backgrounds and therefore still tends to encourage integration.

    I say no to this move since it actually encourages segregation.

  15. Faith schools should be eradicated, indoctrination of religion is total bull. Schools should be schools not places of religious worship. Churches, mosques and so on are for that very purpose.

  16. at last someone speaks the truth ,if only people just looked close enough they would see that as well you don’t get nothing for nothing in this world.

  17. Come off it everyone!
    The Labour Party never suggested any such thing. The Daily Bale has made it up to get you all going. It’s just a lie, a made-up story. This site is poisonous, and could stir people up into violence for no good reason at all.
    I’m absolutely certain the Labour Party wouldm’t dream of doing that.

  18. Hell no. No no no. We already have public schools. If they come here then be like us. Speak English in public, wear what we wear. More can be said…….we need to look after our own country and people. Thinking of ways Australia can hold its own.
    The pollies that think they represent us have no idea what the people won’t. Why don’t they ask?

  19. Are you kidding..?

    I am Australian….the number of forced and marriages to underage girls in the name of Islam is outrageous…!

    We need to do a lotion to win this war. Their win is inevitable if we continue to do nothing and continue this ‘politically correct’ bull S.



  22. I feel we here in America are following your footsteps. The left and the Muslim president are shoving Muslims and their cult beliefs down our throats as well. Trouble will be brewing in the near future, I believe. It may take an underground movement to deal with these 6th century rejects. Good luck with your efferts. May the good people of Britain come out on top.

  23. Agreed. I don’t understand why they’re even thinking about this, and it will not even be “exciting” it’ll be a lot of bull, if I’m honest think they’re just trying to impress other countries and are putting other people in front of their own people.

  24. Well considering the authorities have already slammed the exsisting Islam schools here, I doubt if were true.

  25. This is just typical labour governmental thinking. THEY believe in NO GOD, so it doesnt matter if minarets blot out the sun, just so long as they think they can gain power. One thing they should understand. EVERY war in the world at presesnt involves mislims. They go to non muslim countries, then try to claim a seperate islamic state within that country. Always by armed means. All the recent world atrocities have been commited by muslims. The law is there for all of us, we dont need sharia or any other religeous laws.

  26. I totally agree with you. It’s about time that we do what the Swiss have just done: vote against mass immigration, vote against minarets, etc, in the interests of the Swiss people within their OWN country.
    The UK MUST stop bending to this Islamic culture which has been taking hold for far too long. It’s about time we took a stance and say NO, integrate or blend with us & our culture or leave.
    It’s time for our politicians to say NO to Sharia law, no to Islamic schools and no to mosques. Failing that, vote UKIP and let’s just see how far-right Europe becomes.

  27. I have no wish to see Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland and N&S Ireland) turned into an Islamic state. You see a country with great things to live and work for, and look at what happens in your own countries.

  28. “My name is Ummer Farooq, I live in Walthamstow… I am a UKIP member.”

    I don’t believe that you are a UKIP member. Have you any proof? I think that is a ruse.

    “… then you really need to seek into history to learn about England’s history with the muslisms…”

    Which history was that? There were virtually no Muslims in the UK until the 1950s. I didn’t say there were NO Muslims, just hardly any – less than a thousand. The first handful of Muslims arrived in the 18th century as sailors. Then another handful was added in the 19th century. Still, there would have been less than 2,000 maximum until the 1950s.

    So what point are you making?

    “… and the EU’s push against the muslims for it’s own authoritarian conquest. This time, they’re putting a smiley face on it.”

    Part of the EU’s “authoritarian conquest” has been mass immigration. The vast majority of the immigrants are Muslims. That “conquest” will be a joint effort between Muslims and the EU. Muslims are a vital part of the EU agenda – or at least mass immigration is.

    I think your post is bogus. You are advancing Islam/Muslims by pretending to be anti-EU.

  29. ‘These state funded Islamic schools would be maintained by the Islamic council of great Britain who currently form an impromptu government over the Islamic states of great Britain,” – I’m sorry, but I don’t get this – WHAT ISLAMIC STATES OF GREAT BRITAIN? I’m not saying we’re not getting there, and quickly, but to refer to the islamic states of GB as to it was an accomplished fact… have I missed something whilst I was sleeping last night?

  30. This is because of the billions of pounds loaned us by Arabic govt’s. Our governments have taken their money, and now must do their bidding.

  31. Not being funny but its costing us money to build and run these schools and yet this country is already in enough debt as it is why have a school spersific to one colulture and not a mixed race school ? its pointless im all for schools that teach different religeons but this is just pathetic and a waste of money this country need to sort its head out!

  32. As I have said before – Civil war is inevitable in Britain unless the Queen resumes absolute power with the assistance of the military, dissolves Parliament and calls for fresh elections under the mantra that Islam is a threat to the survival of the nation!

  33. christine selby……the British Isles are not christian. Try talking to ANYONE about the salvation of Jesus and what He has done for them……you lose friends and make enemies. If Britain truly was a Christian Nation lead by Christian government there would be NO muslims there…………we are lead by ‘hunanists”


  35. Par for the course in Britistan. It’s quite disconcerting and scary to watch once great England, the land of the Magna Carta, slowly commit suicide to appease a foreign invader. I bet Adolf is watching from below and thinking his defeat was simply a matter of bad timing.

  36. What happened to seperation of Church and State? I don’t care if it’s CofE, Catholic, Islam or Jedi, State funded schools should be non-denominational. Paying for everybody is what got England into financial crisis in the 60’s with health care: wake up government.

  37. why should we have islamic schools, this is a christian country if you want to embrace islam go to an islamic country and stop ramming islam down our throats at every chance the luvvie left get, it feels like being a white christian in britain is a crime! i think islam gets more than enough from this country and her people, its time we put our own first instead of last.

  38. My name is Ummer Farooq, I live in Walthamstow… I am a UKIP member. And if you want UKIP to win, and take away labour’s decietful blood ridden offerings of food for it’s guests, then you really need to seek into history to learn about England’s history with the muslisms, and the EU’s push against the muslims for it’s own authoritarian conquest. This time, they’re putting a smiley face on it.

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