Ivanka Concova: Hope not Hate and the woman that doesn’t exist

Hope not Hate claim today that a meeting scheduled to be held with somebody called Ivanka Concova has been cancelled, because she was ‘attacked by racists’. Upon looking further into this, the Daily Bale has discovered that Ivanka Concova doesn’t actually exist.


The woman who doesn’t exist: Lowles informing Hnh about a fake racist incident on a fake person.

Ivanka Concova was scheduled to address a group of anti-fascist aggregators at the ‘Wiener Library’ on February 18th 2014, but this was only ever a propaganda coup by Hope not Hate to Martyr Ivanka Concova as some kind of victim to the Left-Wing.

In the coming weeks we can expect to see Nick Lowles play on the attack that never happened and use it against the right-wing community to further expand his sick organisation, Hope not Hate.

This despicable scam is just an example of how Hope not Hate is tricking the British people, they are creating these alleged ‘racial incidents’ and fabricating stories that have never happened to further segregate the community and cause divisions between ethnic groups in this country.

Ivanka Concova is not a real person, she is a work of fiction from the perverted mind of Nick Lowles.

Steven Sodholmy
Senior Reporter,

Daily Bale News Corp


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