No Whites Allowed: Majority of race hate victims are white

THE MAJORITY of victims of racial attacks are white, according to a report to be released next week by race relations watchdogs.


No whites allowed: Racism directed towards whites is increasing

The disclosure, days before the release of the findings of the inquiry, will provoke intense debate over Britain’s future direction as a multicultural society.

The Commission for Racial Equality, which has produced the report, called for detailed government research into the nature of racist attacks on white people.

CRE chairman Sir Herman Ouseley said: “It would be irresponsible for us to not try to take this on head-on and understand it better.”

He said: “It’s absolutely clear in our view that you can be black and racist. Clearly the evidence we have shows that this is not just a white problem.”

The CRE report, called Racial Attacks and Harassment, records that 238,000 white people told researchers they had been victims of a racial offence in a 12-month period, compared to 101,000 Asians and 42,000 blacks.

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4 thoughts on “No Whites Allowed: Majority of race hate victims are white

  1. Because Mr Sodholmy, I am a historian of ethnic minorities. Yes I would go to a white history month (if it existed). Are we talking about White British, White Irish, White Jewish, White Polish, White Italian or any other white? Or just the whole lot lumped together?
    You didn’t answer my questions I posed. Where is the actual evidence of this? Why have you used the CRE which doesn’t exist? And why have you ‘quoted’ a man who isn’t part of the CRE? His quote is more than likely a fabrication…

  2. Why did you go to black history month? Would you consider attending a white history month or would that be far too “nationalist” for you? That massage is still on offer by the way.

  3. This site is pretty much the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. I’ve seen plenty of wind-ups like this, but this one isn’t well executed. Far too obvious. Still, some stupid people will still fall for it, I’m sure.

  4. This is an interesting post Daily Bale. Unfortunately, accuracy is not on your side. Whilst yes, there is evidence of racism against white people you have made two major errors here: The CRE was dissolved in 2007 into a larger governmental department, so has not released anything under the name of CRE in 7 years. Also, Ouseley left his position as chairman in 2000. He is instead working as an independent advisor to companies, especially sport (such as the FA). Having had the honour of seeing last year at De Montfort Universities Black History Month he explained all of this.
    When is this report going to be released? There’s nothing on the web about it so far, so I wonder you got this information?

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