Joshua Bonehill-Paine and The Daily Bale. The Right Wing Revolution

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By Teresa Harris.  Guest Writer for The Daily Bale.

Love this guy or hate him, adore him or detest him, one thing is for sure, as in other instances in history throughout the ages, people have appeared who for reasons beyond our conscious awareness, we become fixated upon them and the ‘something’ that they possess we are fascinated with.

I first became drawn to this man through supporting his movement ‘Stand Strong’ in 2013. There was nothing special then about Joshua Bonehill-Paine that represented the reason i supported stand strong. I supported stand strong because i believed in a movement who’s purpose was to bring people together in unity and understanding after the tragic events of last year around the death of Drummer Lee Rigby.

There was alot of good done with this movement as we now know, and thousands of pounds were raised for charity and a strong national feeling of unity in the face of extremism and growing anxiety over terrorism in the U.K

People from all communities gathered together in peaceful unified protest against extremism and violence.

I was aware of the growing tension apparently between Stand Strong and the left wing side of the political sphere, and believe me, i had to question some of the accusations being levelled at Joshua and the Stand Strong movement at this time, and being a Labour supporter myself at that time, i did question very closely some of the accusations being thrown at Joshua by my own side – so to speak.

There were accusations of far right involvement of Stand Strong, and accusations of Joshua being ‘connected’ to far right movements and people, and even racist and fascist accusations being thrown around by my own comrades on the left wing towards Joshua.

I had to question these allegations very closely and study the facts very thoroughly, if not for the truth of it, then for my own conscience at being involved with Stand Strong and my children too.

I made alot of calls and spoke to many hundreds of people involved in the organisation of Stand Strong, and i have to say, never once did i hear anything that caused me concern about Joshua, or Stand Strong itself.

What caused me concern obviously were the allegations of extreme right wing involvement and racist overtones.

But what quickly became very obvious to me was that none of this could possibly be true.

Stand Strong was actually co-chaired by an Asian gentleman, and stand strong itself was comprised of members from all areas of society and from all communities, faiths and identities.

I quickly realised with numbness and horror, that the racism was not coming from Stand Strong or from Joshua himself, but from my own so called comrades on the left wing side of politics, who were supposed to be anti racist, but here they were using race to vilify and try to destroy a peaceful movement like Stand Strong by calling it racist.

My own beliefs of all i thought i stood for lay in tatters. I realised that all the stuff that the left wing said about being anti racist was a lie. They just used race as a ‘tool’ to condemn whoever they see as a threat, by calling them a racist or a fascist.

That is blatant racism and fascism in itself !

Today i am an avid supporter of Joshua Bonehill-Paine, and i guest write for The Daily Bale as well.

I no longer have any connection whatsoever with the Labour party or Hope not hate.

I do call all my former comrades over to join us, you need to wake up and smell the coffee.  You have been brainwashed by the left wing, and their so called ‘Political Correctness’ is also a lie. Its just another ‘tool’ to brow beat people into submitting to the left wing Marxist ideology.  Its a racist fascist lie !

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a true leader of the people. When he speaks, it is always from the heart, and he speaks about the future with a determination that grabs your heart and soul. But his sentiments are always for the people as a whole. He always talks of “our communities’ and you just know he talks with a vision that involves us all as one nation living together side by side and accepting that though we may be different – we are all truly as one.


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  1. “Comrades on the left wing side of politics”? Nobody but a moron like you, Josh, would use such terminology. You really have outdone yourself this time…Hahaha

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