Hope not Hate paid black people to appear in photo

Information has emerged that shows fascist Organisation, Hope not Hate had to bribe black people with money to appear in a photo opportunity for promotional uses.


The photograph: the three black people in this photo are actually paid actors.

Hope not Hate claims to be the voice of ethnic minority groups in the United Kingdom but embarrassingly, the people who they are said to be supporting actually want nothing to do with them.

A photo taken during a Hope not Hate campaign in 2010 shows a group of white British people alongside several black British people but information leaked to the Daily Bale shows that the Black people in this image were actually paid actors from the company, ‘Media Solutions UK’.

The Daily Bale recently spoke to Iman, Muhammed Al Saleem who said, “Hope not Hate is purposely victimising us as a minority group in the UK. They make us out to be a weak race of people who need standing up for by white middle class Left-Wing activists. The majority of the Asian population In the UK feel embarrassed by Hope not Hate”

Things haven’t been looking too good for Hope not Hate this year when in January the government distanced itself from the Organisation, branding it “a troublemaking forum”.

Steven Sodholmy
Senior Reporter

Daily Bale News 2014


10 thoughts on “Hope not Hate paid black people to appear in photo

  1. It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a shame, I’d like to believe this is true, but it’s a lie. No-one in the photo is an actor (unless you count the white guy at the back who does a bit of am-dram in his spare time)

  3. Well done Josh,5 bogus commentators and an alias reporter all in half an hour! Must be difficult to remember who you are at any given moment…

  4. Just seen this on the Muslim talk fb page, I am a moderate Muslim and can honestly say that hope not hate do not speak for me, they are just middle class lefties who think they are better then everybody else. I’m more than capable of defending myself and don’t need some attention seeking organization to defend me and act like all Muslims are weak,

  5. Its embarrassing, the majority of Muslims in the uk absolutely hate Lowles and hope not hate. They do not speak for us

  6. I’ve always despised hope not hate, they act like we Asians are a weak race who can’t stand up for our own rights. The majority of Muslims in this country are right wing anyway and hate Lowles and his fascist brigade

  7. It’s true, the Asian community is embarrassed by these left wing dick heads pretending to stick up for our rights

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