Egg and Spoon races to be banned

The Daily Bale has learnt that under controversial new guidelines set out by the European union directive for Health and Safety, Egg and spoon races could be banned from British schools.


Banned tradition: A historic past time in primary schools for over 200 years

The great British tradition of the humble egg and spoon race has been a popular competition amongst children at primary schools across the country for decades but fears have emerged at Brussels which claim Egg and spoon races are a health and safety risk to children.

The new guidelines set out by the European directive for health and safety advocate that all schools across the united kingdom should outlaw Egg and spoon races because of the risk presented should a child trip up and fall.

The same directive as supported by the British Labour Party In 2006 saw that the traditional game of conkers was also outlawed from our schools.


Historic tradition:  children of the 1960s participate in an egg and spoon race

The new policy which seeks to enforce this ridiculous new law is being drawn up by a French politician who has never visited the United Kingdom before.

Head teacher Graham Sinclair told the Daily Bale, “The egg and spoon race is an Institution of British education and has been a past time in our primary schools for at least 200 years. I fail to see the threat to children’s safety as teachers are always very sure to make sure the children are protected from possible dangers. This is just insane”

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