Paedophile discrimination could be made illegal under EU court of human rights

Left-Wing Paedophile Union, UPN (United Paedophile Network) has applied to the European court of Human rights to recognise Paedophila-hate as a form of racism.


European court of human rights: they will be deciding if hate against paedophiles should be made illegal

Chairperson of UPN, convicted Paedophile Dean Hardy from Bromfield said last night, “The UPN has successfully put in a application with the European court of human rights to consider prosecuting those who stereotype or abuse paedophiles in the united kingdom”.

“We believe that Paedophiles in this country have a right not to face abuse or stereotyping from members of the public as paedophilia is a way of life, a culture and a Demi-religion. Any form of hate directed towards our minority group should be dealt with using the firmest hand of the law”.


Dean hardy: leader of the NPU paedophile union

The European court of human rights has accepted the application and consideration towards UPNs proposal will be debated in the next session due to be held in two weeks time.

Labour Party spokesman and Unite activist Jim Herald told the Daily Bale, “Whilst paedophillia remains a crime, we must consider the rights of those who face hate and there is a strong culture of Paedophile-hate In this country. As a growing politically correct nation, we must take the rights of all people seriously, this includes paedophiles”

If the European court of human rights rule that hate directed towards paedophilia is in breach of national human rights then people who ‘speak ill’ of Paedohiles could face a prison sentence or be made to pay compensation directly to convicted paedophiles.

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8 thoughts on “Paedophile discrimination could be made illegal under EU court of human rights

  1. The UPN wants disarming and disbanding, the people behind it need executing and the european court of rights needs shutting down ASAP. Cumts and riggers

  2. Fiction from start to finish. Nice to see the Daily Bale staying consistent. Consistently crap, that is.

    The UPN doesn’t exist.

    Dean Hardy does, but he’s rightfully in jail for 10 years, and he’s actually Right-Wing, a strong English Defence League and UKIP supporter.

  3. Why the sudden obsession with paedophiles all of a sudden Bonehead?

    Is this this ‘self-loathing’ thing of yours? One would think your issue with paedophilia runs a little closer to your core than you would have us believe, no?

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