Joshua Bonehill-Paine the true morality and hope of the British people

wpid-C1AF816C-78F5-434C-92ED-1CC0366292D6.jpg  The Founder – Joshua Bonehill-Paine.

The Daily Bale seldom likes to boast, but here we think we have a case certainly to be very proud indeed.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine our original founding member, and still the absolute authority in growing circles and known as ‘the founder’ of The Daily Bale, and the original charity and fund raising peaceful movement ‘Stand Strong’ – is now a fast growing charismatic figure in British political thought and the rapidly changing mind set.

Joshua first created the ‘Stand Strong’ movement to bring all people and all communities together in the face of growing extremism in the U.K, and he went on to raise thousands of pounds for charities and unite communities across the country in peace, unity and harmony in peaceful protest against extremism and violence.

Joshua also recognised very early on the growing threat of the so called ‘anti fascist’ left wing marxist activist extremist groups across the U.K who were pushing hatred and violence by continuously bringing attention to peoples race and spreading racial tension and hatred within our communities where previously there had been none.

Joshua recognised that these so called ‘moral anti fascist’ groups were actually very immoral and also very fascist and racist in content, by using race and differences that they themselves see in people to then use as a weapon to throw at any opposition by branding  them ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ if they so much as voiced an opinion that went against left wing Politically Correct ideology and left wing Marxist philosophy.

Joshua went on to found The Daily Bale. And the BALE word standing for ‘Britons Against Left-wing Extremism.

Both Stand Strong and The Daily Bale were both heavily attacked by left wing Marxist Politically Correct anti fascist thug groups and their sub groups on social networking and media.

Joshua never once backed down from the vile campaign of hate and lies that these vile immoral anti British race hate groups threw at him, and he became even more determined that these evil groups and organisations must be exposed for what they really are in truth.

Today, Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a rising star and a true hero to many hundreds of thousands of decent moral people throughout the United Kingdom, and his following is growing on a vast scale as the public at long last have found a voice against the immorality and the growing anger at the unjust ideology of left wing Political Correctness and its bullying, manipulation and intimidation of decent moral hard working British people from all communities and all faiths and identities.

Many people are now rushing to break any ties that they had with these evil left wing groups, and it is fast becoming anti social and highly immoral to be connected in any way with these left wing so called ‘anti fascist’ groups – who are in fact very fascist and very racist in the extreme.


So yes, The Daily Bale is proud, and today we have a massively growing number of people who join us every day and every week who are also proud.

Proud to be British and proud that at long last a voice of true reason and common sense has appeared from out of the long years of darkness and the oppression of left wing immorality and the unjust criminality of fascist and racist political correctness.

The Daily Bale calls all communities and all faiths and identities to join us as one.

Lets remove and overcome the evil of political correctness together as one national community of many people united in freedom of speech and true democracy to be who we really are and say what we all really mean, so that we can live together in peace and acceptance, without the constant race hate stirring of the racist politically correct anti fascist immoral left wing bullying, intimidation and manipulation.

Daily Bale.

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Thank you.



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