Hope not hate membership drops rapidly as supporters join Daily Bale

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Hope not hate – also run by ‘Antifa’ and the U.A.F – Unite against fascism.


Hope not hate left wing membership is dropping rapidly – an insider exclusively reveals to The Daily Bale.

Kent Richards, a former member of the hated racist ‘Hope not hate’ so called ‘anti fascist’ thug group, told The Daily Bale –

‘morale in Hope not hate is at an all time low at the moment. Its simply because the members are starting to realise that The Daily Bale is morally right and it makes alot of sense too.
We are the one’s in Hope not hate who have been using race to use against other people to call them racists and fascists if they speak out against our policies and ideology.
That in itself makes us the racists and fascists, and also hypocrites.
Many of the new members and even long term members are now leaving Hope not hate in shame at joining in the first place. We were brainwashed and tricked’

The Daily Bale does not discriminate against Ex Hope not hate members who wish to come over to us, but we do heavily vet Ex members and only post their histories after we have checked them for authenticity.

Everybody is capable of waking up and seeing the light – even left wing Ex anti fascist racists.

The Daily Bale investigation team wishes to thank all those that also sent in info and those that work on the ground for us on social networking sites, and at times being in very unpleasant circles, but nevertheless sticking with it and getting the info the public needs to know.