Hope not hate or Hate not hope ? Hope not hate in Hate not hope racist fascism



The Daily Bale has learned that the vile race hate stirring marxist left wing thug group Hope Not Hate, are making large sums of cash by stirring up race hate and continuously bringing up race to stir public anger and entice people to donate on their vile race hate stirring Hope not hate left wing website.

Hope Not Hate have a ‘donate’ button on their website, and are seen to post vile race hate stirring propaganda, race hate slander, and anti British sentiments and vile racist slurs against British people.

Hope Not Hate are said to rake in large sums of money by stirring vile race hate slurs and dividing communities and causing hatred and violence.

Hope Not Hate continuously refer to peoples race, and thus recognise ‘differences’ in race by bringing peoples race to public attention and dividing communities where race was not an issue before Hope not hate made it an issue.

Hope Not Hate are now recognised as a racist and fascist group that stirs up racial hatred by continuously bringing up race, whilst pretending to be an anti fascist group – all for the purpose of making large sums of money in donations from people who believe that they really are a ‘moral’ anti fascist anti racist group and who then go on to donate money to them on their evil website.

The ‘Donate’ button can clearly be seen on the vile race hate stirring Hope not hate website.

Hope not hate have finally been exposed fully by us and many other different  groups also investigating Hope not hate.

Hope not hate ?    or Hate not hope ??

The Daily Bale calls on the Government to ban this evil vile race hate stirring left wing marxist fascist racist thug group.