Quangos run by politically correct left wing Marxists and Labour activist cranks




The Founder of The Daily Bale calls for all Government Quangos to be cleansed of Politically Correct left wing lunatics and P.C marxist anti British traitors and weirdos.

The link above takes you to a full site with information on the criminality of left wing political correctness and how the left wing are trying to maintain their hold upon all public institutions and society by running and heading weird left wing dominated politically correct sick quangos.

We call upon the Government to remove all left wing politically correct marxist weirdos from public positions of trust.

Lets rid society of these sickos and weirdos, and remove left wing politically correct freaks from all positions of public trust and never allow them to bully, intimidate or manipulate the public ever again.

The Founder – Joshua Bonehill-Paine