Paedophile Website Exposed: shocking evidence you can’t afford to miss

Convicted Left-Wing Pedophile and former leader of PIE (Pedophile information Exchange) Tom O’ Carroll has been centre focus of a recent Daily Bale campaign to raise awareness about Militant Paedophillia in the UK.


Nonce: tom o’ Carroll’s mugshot from 2006

We recently reported that O’Carroll is building a sick pedophile commune outside the small rural town of Totnes, Devon. Not only is O’Carroll building the commune but he is also currently advocating Paedophillia through his website, ‘Heretic TOC’. The Daily Bale Investigates:


Heretic TOC: sick Nonce hub

Heretic TOC is a website that brings convicted paedophiles together in unity and advises on best ‘solutions’ to further their sickening pedophiliac careers. The website that is run by Hope not Hate backer, Tom O’ Carroll seeks to “promote pedophiliac activism in the UK” under the banner of Left-Wing Political correctness.

Why is it that a convicted Pedophile is allowed to own and run such a website? To promote his filthy pedophile literature such as “Pedophilia: A radical case”.


Pedocation: O’Carroll actively advocating paedophillia from the safety of his website

The Daily Bale believes the old saying, “Once a Pedophile, always a pedophile” .

Tom O’Carroll was arrested in 2006 for hiding a massive stash of child porn inside his home in Hertfordshire and yet he is openly advocating pedophillia through his sickening website. why are the authorities allowing this man to continue his pedophiliac progression?

Tom O’ Carroll used to be a reporter for the Guardian newspaper before shifting over to Hope not Hate where he worked for five years under Nick Lowles before taking a position on the executive committee and backing Hope not Hate financially. Thus connecting a link between paedophillia, the left-wing and Nick Lowles.


Paedophiles are humans too: claimed sickening o’ Carroll

Pedophiles are evil dangerous monsters whom are riddled with disease and hate for our children, we must stand united and oppose all acts of militant paedophillia in the community and hold those accountable for their pedophiliac practises.

We have to protect our children, they are the future and paedophiles such as Tom O’Carroll are creating a real and dangerous threat to the children of this country.

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Steven Sodholmy,
Senior Reporter

Daily Bale 2014


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  1. Let them build their village we’ll stalk them hunt them down and terrorise them in their little pathetic village, its the least we can do, after all isn’t that what they do to our innocent & defenceless children.

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