Joshua Bonehill: A new movement for Britain

Joshua Bonehill of Stand Strong UK and the Daily Bale speaks exclusively to us about his hopes for a new nationalist movement:


It’s about time that Britain had a new progressive right wing movement that focused exclusively on  the problems created by the Left-Wing. A movement that would confront political correctness and left Wing perversion in our communities and deal with it head on.

Whilst the English Defence League still remains, many of us feel that they are wrong to be exclusively focusing on militant islam as this is only a small problem in the greater scheme of things. The EDL has done some great work over the years and their courage and determination as a street movement should be praised but now is the time to take things up to the next level.

Britain has bigger issues than militant Islam and the main struggle faced by the British people is political correctness and left-wing extremism as these present a very real and dangerous threat to the way that our lives are played out.

We need a new movement that is open to all people from all over the community, that welcomes people to stand side by side and march peacefully against the wrongs in society. With an open door policy that allows people to join regardless of religion or ethnicity.

It is with intent that after my court proceedings have been dealt with, I shall be meeting with leaders of other right wing groups and organisations to discuss the possible development of a new group to play a very real role in society. We are currently open to suggestions and contributors, if you have something to add or want some input in a new national movement then please get in touch.

More updates and information will be issued through the Daily Bale in the coming months.

Joshua Bonehill
Founder, Daily Bale


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  1. “you got our page removed from facebook”, notice how we didn’t set another one up. This is because we don’t need Facebook or twitter account. People come to us and share our articles directly.

    You can try and shut this website down, many have tried but failed miserably but besides that anyway. We will be opening up a new website shortly that will on our own server so we plan on closing down this website anyway.

    Your attempts at silencing us will fail every time, each time you close us down, we will spring back up stronger and better than ever before.

  2. Hi Josh I think what ur doing is great, dont listen to the leftists, I would be glad to help any way I can, good luck x

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