Somerset floods aid money but Billions in foreign aid to rich countries


The Daily Bale brings you the true legacy of the previous politically correct Labour government.

Labour set up a policy of giving billions in foreign aid to already rich and wealthy countries like china and India, and at this time 11 billion of tax payers hard earned money goes to these countries to ‘help’ and to maintain a politically correct image of doing good.

India is now sending rockets into space and is a Nuclear power, whilst China is one of the most powerful nations in the world – and also a Nuclear power.

India has already said ‘it does not want or need British foreign aid’.

The previous politically correct loony tune Labour government set up these policies and promises to these countries to give billions of your money in aid to and that we now cannot easily get out of because we ‘promised’ it to them.

The Left wing politically correct Labour party also opened Britain’s borders to millions of ‘unchecked’ immigrants, and never informed the public that it was doing this. The Labour party believed that the millions of new arrivals would then vote for them in the next election.

At this time the Somerset plains are totally flooded, and our own citizens are told that they will get ‘some help’ – but when and how much ??

Welcome to loony tune politically correct Britain.

The Daily Bale stands behind our own citizens for aid money, and we believe that aid should always be given at home first !


2 thoughts on “Somerset floods aid money but Billions in foreign aid to rich countries

  1. I know they give billions to countries abroad but now is the time to stop and give back the billions to the people of the UK who do are getting screwed as per usual by the Westmonsters,meaning theif 1 Cameron who’s scottish home is regestered in the Bahamas to avoid paying TAX.then you have his sidekicks who are also stealing every bodies money and off coarse giving it all away and putting there own people in deep poverty.I could go on but i would be arrested for what i would like to say.Rant over.

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