Labour want to reinstate Window Tax

Have many windows? You will wish that you don’t if the Labour Party come to power in 2015.


Window Tax: could this be your house?

In a special report by the Daily Bale we will examine controversial new plans by Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls who has recently suggested that a Labour government could reinstate the decades old, ‘Window Tax’.

What is Window Tax?

Window Tax is a way of taxing British citizens based on the number of windows they own on their house. Home owners can expect to pay anything from £25 for a double window and £15 for a single window, per month. The controversial tax was first Introduced in the 19th century but later scrapped under reforms.

Why do Labour Party want to reinstate window tax and how will it affect me?

Recently, shadow chancellor Ed Balls has proposed a series of new taxes that he hopes would contribute to fixing the economy and deficit, a mess created by the previous Labour government. The window tax has been suggested as an effective way of taxing with predicted fast recovery rates for the British economy.


GreEDy: Ed Balls, man behind the window tax

The proposed tax; aimed at private home owners only, could cost you an extra £150 a month if the tax is launched in 2015. Council housing tenants would be eligible for a ‘Window Tax benefit’, issued by your local housing authority. 

The Daily Bale contacted Labour Activist spokesman, Jim Hamilton and asked him directly about the proposed tax. Mr. Hamilton said, “The Labour party will be Looking to issue the proposed Window Tax by the Winter of 2015. We see this as a viable and fair way to tax the British people and work towards fixing the large deficit that has amounted over past years. Everybody must contribute to fixing the economy and it is the view of the Labour party to stop the cuts and Implement more taxation throughout the county”.

What is your view?

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy

Daily Bale


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