Labour Party to blame for Somerset flooding

The recent flooding in Somerset has caused utter chaos for the people living with it, but who is really responsible for this tragic incident?

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The chaos so far: most of Somerset under water

Prime Minister, David Cameron visited the scene today in Somerset and raised a valid point. Cameron suggested the blame for some of the flooding lay with decisions taken by the last Labour government. He said: “The pause in dredging that took place in the late 90s – that was wrong and we need to get dredging again. I have said when the water levels come down and it is safe to dredge, we will be dredging to make sure that these rivers and ditches can carry a better capacity of water.”

So if the Labour Party had not of stopped dredging in the late 1990s then would residents living in the affected areas be In the same situation today?

The truth is that the Labour Party is utterly useless, they do not care about British people and can not make rational decisions. They caused the current economic mess we are living through and now can be directly blamed as being responsible for the carnage In Somerset.


The eternal Blair: Tony Blair at a Jewish ceremony whilst Somerset residents suffer.

One things for sure, it won’t be Tony Blair who is out on the streets tonight as many of the poor victims caught up in the flooding are having to face.

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy

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  1. The depletion of dredging began in 1988 with the disposal of waste act which covered disposal of dredging, also a further directive was added in 1994. I’m not defending Labour but I do like the Prime Minister to have his facts correct and not spew diatribe. One also has to remind the uk people who disbanded British Waterways in 2011…. to become a volunteer charity…. you guessed it…

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