Joshua Bonehill: Court Update


Today as reported earlier. Joshua Bonehill; founder of the Daily Bale, attended South Somerset Magistrates court to answer charges against him in regards to Malicious Communications 1988.

The case was adjourned until the 28th of February, pending further evidence in regards to defence and a probation report. Bonehill did attend the court at 0900 hours and was there until 1300 hours but was not requested to enter the chamber.

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy


13 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill: Court Update

  1. Good luck Josh, you know we’ve always supported you over here at our branch. See you on Sunday

  2. Well done Joshua Bonehill, you are winning and the lefties are furious so theyre making up lies about it in response, nothing worse than an angry lefty

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