Latest lies from the Western Gazette

Joshua’s well publicised court case will be heard tomorrow at Yeovil magistrates court in the county of Somerset. Earlier today, Flora Thompson of the Western Gazette released an article claiming Joshua had made threatening comments towards UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage but what is the truth behind this?


Western Gazette: Slanderous commie lies

Sometime in October, on a fake account and not under Joshua’s name; threatening comments were made in a private thread on Facebook stating that “I’m going to shoot Nigel farage in the head, just like Abraham Lincoln”. The comments made were completely of a comical nature as followed straight after were the laughing remarkshahahaha… Was I funny?”.

Known grass and bitter racist, Alexander Wood (formerly of UKIP, Stand Strong and the Daily Bale) screenshot the comments and took them completely out of context before sending it to the police, claiming that these were in fact genuine threats made towards Nigel.

It is well known that Both Joshua and Alex were friends, they collaborated  on a series of anti-left Wing projects after Alex was on the front page of the Daily Mirror for giving that infamous Nazi salute.


Bonehill & Wood: pictured toasting the success of Stand Strong UK

For the first time today, the Daily Bale can reveal that Alex Wood was in fact a founding member and contributed largely to our Facebook content posted under the “Britons Against Left-Wing Extremism” page.

After Alex stole a sum of money from Joshua’s Wallet in Woods Wine Bar of Yeovil last November, the two quickly fell out after a physical fight in which Joshua picked up Wood and attempted to throw him over a balcony,

Wood became enraged with Jealously and held Joshua accountable for everything that went wrong in his life and then waged a bitter war of hate against Joshua, culminating in the comments made against Mr. Nigel Farage on Facebook.

Alex was formally ousted from the Daily Bale last year as we felt that his views were ‘too extreme’ for our publication, largely his hatred towards people with down syndrome and his vulgar racist views that landed this publication in trouble on several occasions. Wood and Bonehill no longer have any form of contact.


Flora Thompson: Commie jorno with western gazette. Looks like a Pterodactyl.

Seemingly, Alex Wood who is admitted friends with Western Gazette journalist, Flora Thompson is colluding with the newspaper. Alex has previously sold photographs to the Western Gazette and worked with them on a number of occasions. It is no coincidence that Flora is perusing the story against Joshua, she is fuelled with hate provided by Her friend Alex Wood.

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy


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  1. Trying to back peddle/shift the blame over the Down’s Syndrome article is really pathetic considering the response you made to my comment on it a few days ago. You cannot dig yourself out of this hole and I’m sure you will realise this by this time tomorrow.

  2. Bonehill, and him commenting from his many fake accounts. LOL!

    Bonehill, have you got your list of items to take with you tomorrow?

    1. Towel…..Check!
    2. Many spare changes of undies…..Check!
    3. Extra large, value mega-jar of vaseline……Check! ( if it doesn’t go your way on court toorrow, you ay need this ).

    If you get sent down, take comfort in the knowledge that you will never have any problem taking a shit again 😉

  3. Flora thompson is a useless sack of shit journalist who will never amount to anything other then a piss poor career writing for the failing and declining in sales, western gazette. What a fuckin joke

  4. Floa Thompson is one of the most retarded journalists to walk this planet, fuck her and fuck her stupid Bolshevik article

  5. Alex wood is a known grass, he’s probably fucking flora for her to attack Joshua in this latest article

  6. Flora Thompson looks like an anorexic little commie slag anyway, what a total bitch, working with Alex wood as well. This is corruption Thrown to a whole new level.

  7. Western gazette were very foolish to believe that they can lie about joshua Bonehill and get away with it

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