Stuart Parr: An embarrassment to UKIP

Earlier today, it was brought to our attention that UKIP activist website ‘Bloggers4UKIP’ posted an article that directly attacked Joshua Bonehill, branding him a “Tory party troll”. The article In question was written by an incompetent UKIP parish councillor, Stuart Parr.


Blatant lies: Screenshot of the article created by Stuart Parr

The Daily Bale has further learnt that the information received in the article written against Joshua was sent to Mr. Parr by an Anti-UKIP troll and troublemaker known as ‘Maggie Chapman’. The BALE has worked to previously expose Maggie for the callous, lying traitor she is but never did we expect to see a UKIP councillor believe her lies and publish this in a deceitful, hateful article against Joshua.


Stuart on Facebook: Stuart tried to hide his Facebook account from us.

Through the incompetent actions of Stuart Parr, we believe that he is an utter embarrassment to UKIP and call upon Mr. Parr to immediately resign his post as parish councillor for his weakness in believing Maggie Chapman’s flaccid Information and then posting this into an article against Joshua Bonehill.

Effectively, Parr has been used by Chapman who holds a personal grudge against Joshua.

Who is Stuart Parr?


Fat disappointment: Obese Jason manford lookalike, Stuart Parr

Councillor Stuart Parr of the Brookside ward for Strichley & Brookside Parish is a former Liberal Democrat party member and content contributor at ‘Bloggers4UKIP’. Stuart has 4 children with his wife, Lesley Parr (formerly Dickin). His mother and father, Andy and Jan Parr who are both Labour Party supporters describe their son as being “A fat disappointment”.


Sloppy Seconds: lesley Parr, wife of Stuart looks on unaware of her husbands slanderous writing.

Why is Stuart an Embarrassment to UKIP?

Idiotic Stuart was sent false information about Joshua Bonehill and decided to attack him In a blog  posting on ‘Bloggers4UKIP’. The information which was sent by known agitator and anti-UKIP agent, Maggie Chapman was put on the website before even being checked out for credibility. If Stuart is so foolish to accept Information from a KNOWN Anti-UKIP troll, then how can he be possibly trusted to maintain a post of authority In the position of councillor? 


Stuart at work: Councillor Parr at a recent UKIP meeting.

Stephen Crowther, executive party chairman of UKIP sent the following email to Dorothy Baker and Will Gilpin last year, explaining that “Maggie Chapman is not a member, she is a known agitator”. The incompetent Mr. Parr may feel free to contact Steve so that this can be confirmed.


The email: Confirming that Maggie Chapman is not in UKIP

We suggest Redwatch take note of this communist infiltrator as well.


Contact Stuart: The fat oaf can be contacted by using the details above.

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy


25 thoughts on “Stuart Parr: An embarrassment to UKIP

  1. While Bonehill is in court tomorrow I’ll be at my local police station making a statement about this malicious communication. Avon & Somerset Police have already been aware of his continued harassment and malicious communications, as have Yeovil CPS. Someone else has already informed the court that he’s been continuing to use social media despite being ordered not to. If any of the above comments are not from one of Bonehill’s split personalities and you don’t want to be part of the police investigation into this malicious communication I suggest you remove them quickly. Bonehill won’t be able to do it for you from a prison cell.

  2. When are people going to start listening to us about Maggie Chapman? Everybody knows that everything she says is total bullshit. Stuart is just a useless failure.

  3. Best thing he can do now is apolagize to JB, take down his sordid little article and leave politics for good. We don’t tolerate this kind of treachery in UKIP, good bye Stuart parr… Close the door on your way out… Loser!!

  4. Sorry you have to have him as a councillor, I’d rather have a sack of shit hanging over my parish

  5. That’ll teach him for messing with JB, what a fuckimg idiot anyway for listening to Maggie chapman. People like Stuart should never be allowed anywhere near politics. Utter disgrace!

  6. Stuart Parr is a useless politician and a weirdo, and I mean right weirdo. Look at him and his family of utter misfits. How could anybody believe that Maggie chapman, let alone write information she’s given him. I guess it’s because he used to be a libtard. Weak man, weak politican and utter disgrace.

  7. Stuart is the councillor for my local parish in Brookside. He’s done nothing good whilst in office and isint really liked around these parts because of his stuck up attitude. Thanks for exposing him for the useless bag of crap he really is,

  8. We don’t need people like Stuart in the party, lets hope he does the right thing and steps down now, what a complete and utter incompetant mess of a man, I hope this exposes him for the idiot he is, taking information off Maggie chapman? I’d rather cut own dick off

  9. I’ve known Stuart for a few years now. He’s an absolute shit councillor and nobody really likes him up here. He really is an Embarresment to our party and this sort of Incompetancy must not be tolerated. Do the right thing Stuart and stand down you fool!

  10. We should boycott Lesley’s etsy store and investigate it further, I bet there’s some kind of dodgy fraud going on there.

  11. Another great exposure from the DB, I had him added on my friends list and will remove him at once, got to be careful as this sort of incompetence needs to be eradicated from the party. Stupid Stuart as he will now be known. Thanks josh

  12. Thanks for bringing this to attention, daily bale. At least now we can eliminate these scumbags from our party once and for all, he’s a former lib dem scum anyway, piece of shit

  13. Stuart looks like a fat prick, his wife as well, imagine them both having sex. Like two hippos bang at it

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