Hope not Hate employee speaks out about abuse


A woman who wishes not to be named has recently spoken to the Daily Bale about her time working under Nick Lowles at fascist Left-Wing organisation. Hope not Hate.

We’ve changed the name of the woman who spoke to us in order to protect her identity

34 year old Rose Hamilton started working for Hope not Hate in 2011 after being approached by Lowles after a public meeting about racism in the UK. Hamilton who was formerly a journalist with left Wing publication, The Daily Mirror describes her time working for Nick Lowles:

“Nick approached me in 2011 and offered an attractive package to start working for him at his anti-racist organisation, hope not hate. I jumped at the chance to join the team and believed that I was doing the right thing to better my future in the media industry and promote anti-racism in a morally law abiding way”

“it was after my first day working for Hope not Hate that I started to notice something very strange about Nick. I was working on a story for the purple rain segment of Hope not Hate when Nick called me into his office as he wanted to discuss my placement at the organisation”

“Nick was asking me questions about my current relationship status and if I would be interested in joining him after work for a ‘one on one’ session as he termed it. I felt uncomfortable and told Nick that I was married and wasn’t interested in any form of sexual contact with him, nick seemed shocked at my rejection”.

“When he wasn’t talking about cricket or mentioning his hate for right wing politicians, Nick was always a very vulgar person to be around. He would sit there and pick his nose openly In public and then flick ‘bogies’ at members of the catering staff who would bring him up food on demand”

“I remember this one time that Nick approached me as I was going to enter my car, he grabbed my wrist and pleaded with me to go on a date with him. Shocked and confused, I told Nick to leave me alone and got into my car. Nick was stood in the car park, waving his hands around In the air”

“After the Incident in the car park, I felt completely uncomfortable and unsafe being around Nick. There were times when I was working on a specific article for Hope not Hate and Nick would just sit there and stare at me with his glasses that had fallen down his nose, I found it all too much to cope with”

“by the end of 2012. I had enough of Nick and Hope not hate and told him that I was resigning from my post and had no intentions of continuing contact with him. Nick was furious and started foaming at the mouth, he demanded that I stayed and said that he would not allow anybody to leave Hope not Hate, he said that I was his property”

Rose left Hope not Hate and started working for the Independent where she currently resides but has not forgotten about the “culture of manipulation” that occurred during her time working for Hope not Hate.

The Daily Bale is appealing to any other former employees that worked for hope not hate to come forward and make your story known to the public. We can promise you anonymity and protection but the British People have a right to know what goes on behind the closed doors of Hope not Hate.

Contact the news desk today: dailybale@outlook.com

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy


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  1. Please don’t read anything you see on hope not hates blog, Lowles just peddles left wing lies and tries to incite hate and anger throughout the country, Lowles should be executed by public demand

  2. Lowles is no working class hero like he professes, he’s a middle class lefty biggot with a bullet up his ass because we gave him a hard time in school about his glasses. Fuckimg pussy

  3. This just proves the hope not hate are a hypocritical organisation that actually preaches hate itself, I’ve been telling people this for a long time. Good exclusive DB

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