Daily Bale supports chosen newspapers and exposes P.C Leftist rags.



The Daily Bale supports certain tabloids – that support us.


But we do make it very clear, if we are attacked by left wing tabloids that are obviously controlled by marxist militant politically correct racist and fascist communist so called ‘anti fascist’ groups – then we will strike back – Hard.


The Daily Bale has a very large following, and growing by the day in tens of thousands.


If we are attacked without cause and with untruths and lies, then we see that as fair invitation to post about those tabloids and to expose leftist marxist backed rags that we find being controlled and dictated to by left wing fascist and race hate stirring marxist anti British thugs.


As for ‘fair’ reporting, then we welcome all articles about us, and in the future we shall certainly work with, and alongside ‘appropriate’ tabloids that do actually support the British people of all identities and backgrounds, and who report without left wing politically correct  marxist Anti-British garbage and rubbish.


Daily Bale Founder.   Joshua Bonehill-Paine


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