Evil left wing anti fascist thug groups shame exposed Exclusive !


The Daily Bale continuously brings to you and exposes the shameful truth that the left wing anti fascist thug groups dont want you the public to hear or to see.

As most people will know of late, the vile left wing so called ‘anti fascist’ groups have been desparately trying to shut the Daily Bale up by all manners of typical left wing intimidation and the usual left wing militant bullying tactics.

The evil left wing task masters have been ringing up newspapers, and even trying to ‘tell’ newspapers what to write about The Daily Bale and what they shouldnt write about us when they already have wrote about us in a positive manner.

The  British public really are starting to realise what these evil left wing marxist monsters really are.

The Daily Bale stands against all racism and all fascist bullying and intimidation of any kind – whether it be left wing or right wing, – we tolerate none of it.

But it beggars belief when we have the left wing anti fascist racist thug groups, who do nothing but bring attention to peoples race by calling everybody else ‘racist’ – and to then go on to tell you the British public that we The Daily Bale are the baddies !

We have provided a link at the top of this article, and when you read this, the shocking truth of what we really are dealing with here becomes very clear – make your own mind up.

Ray Foster.   Daily Bale reporter.


6 thoughts on “Evil left wing anti fascist thug groups shame exposed Exclusive !

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  2. I fought in Africa for this country, not to come back to politically correct vermin like lowles and his faggot fakin brigade

  3. This is all very true, hope not hate must face arrest as it itself is causing incitement towards the British people, incitement of hate and evil

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