Founder of The Daily Bale Joshua Bonehill-Paine more popular than ever.

The Daily Bale has far outreached our expectations of public support, but we do not revel in our rising popularity as some kind of victory.

Our sole purpose and founding statement – by the Founder himself Joshua Bonehill-Paine, was and still is, to raise public awareness of left wing politically correct intimidation, manipulation and bullying, and the shameful and disgraceful race hate stiring of the left wing, by calling anybody who does not agree with them – a racist.

The British Public have had anough.  All communities across the U.K are sick and tired of left wing politically correct blatent racism by continuously drawing attention to people’s race, by using race to push their own left wing agenda, and labeling anybody who opposes left wing P.C policies as a racist or as far right thugs.

We at the Daily Bale strongly oppose the left wing politically correct marxist militant thug groups that also troll social networking sites and the media, spreading lies, hate and racial tension in our communities – where none existed before the left wing politically correct interference, intimidation, racism, and blatent bullying from so called ‘Anti Fascist’ organisations.

The Daily Bale welcomes all communities, and we welcome all discussion and points of view. We do not see race as an issue in any way, and unlike the left wing politically correct cranks and loonies, we do not bring attention to race being an issue if somebody of any race has a point of view.

The Daily Bale is now fast becoming an anchor point for bringing this out in the open, and exposing who the ‘real’ racists and fascists in the U.K have been all along. The race hate stiring politically correct left wing so called  ‘Anti Fascist’ groups, that we see every day peddling their vile racist slander and disgusting marxist immoral and unjust ideology.

The Daily Bale. Making a stand for all people, in decency, respect and true morality.

By James Stevens.    Daily Bale reporter.


11 thoughts on “Founder of The Daily Bale Joshua Bonehill-Paine more popular than ever.

  1. Not going too well for you, is it Josh. I’m hoping you become quite good “friends”, with a very well hung gentleman.

  2. Good luck on Friday Josh! Be sure to record your speech and post it online afterwards.

  3. Joshua, the war is not yet run but there is a hard winter ahead, we must not allow the left to win, keep up the good work and fight for what you believe in

  4. EDL Lancaster here – keep up the good work Daily Bale, more people support your cause then is known

  5. It looks like local world media declared war on Joshua, can we anticipate a return attack? Are the forces ready for war?

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