Wounded soldier refused room in hotel


Wounded soldier and afghan hero, Cpl Tomos Stringer from north west Wales was recently refused a room at the Metro Hotel in Woking, Surrey.

Stringer, who had travelled to the area to help with preparations for the funeral of a friend who was killed in Afghanistan was told by the hotels receptionist after showing his army pass, “we do not accept military personnel” and that this was “company policy”.

After being refused from the hotel, corporal
Stringer spent the cold night in the back of his car as he had failed to find any other accomodation on the Sunday evening.


Stringer has since returned to active duty in Afghanistan with the royal logistics corps but says he still remains angry at the incident.

The metro hotel refused to comment but the Daily Bale has learnt the hotel changed its name to ‘The Woking Hotel’, presumably in shame.

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy


2 thoughts on “Wounded soldier refused room in hotel

  1. Afghan hero? He should have known then to make the short journey from Woking to Aldershot, where all army personnel are welcomed with open legs. Another invented story. Truly pathetic.

  2. This is 5 years old. I suggest that if you have to resort to making things up and trawling through old news to make your points then they are invalid/ insubstantial.

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