Amy Hamilton: Not Missing


It seems that the Amy Hamilton missing poster that was put out there last year has been doing the rounds again.

Certain left-wing news outlets have picked up on this and were quick to brand it a “racist hoax”.

The poster which was distributed by our Facebook page last year was only a ploy to bring awareness to the real world issue of Asian grooming gangs in the united kingdom.

The truth of course, there is no such missing girl called ‘Amy Hamilton’, the picture distributed along with the poster is in fact a very realistic looking painting.

As a result of this poster reappearing, we have decided to delete it from our Facebook page and put out this statement to that effect.

We would also like to clarify that we are not a “race hate group” as branded by the press, we are simply an anti-left wing news publication.

It was nice that so many people shared the poster as it showed compassion and care towards a little girl who could have been missing whilst bringing awareness to Asian grooming gangs.

The daily bale does not single handedly attack Asian grooming gangs, we bring awareness to all forms of abuse in various campaigns. Recently we published several articles attacking Nonce and monster, tom o’ Carroll.

We would advise anybody who is sharing it still to stop.

Tommy Britton

PR, The Daily Bale


10 thoughts on “Amy Hamilton: Not Missing

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  2. I can assure you, even if anything like “asian grooming gangs” existed in this country, there would be still far more cases of sexual assault and rape committed by white people. Every ethnic group has its crooks and its so blatantly ignorant to call out an entire religion for a few misfits. Nazi scum.

  3. What a reverse ferret. Rather appropriate for assholes like yourselves. Keep going, every time you post it shows what sad, socially inadequate and plain thick dickheads you are.

  4. Britons against Left-wing Extremeists, have no real grounds to hate Asians so they make something up. How sick, to use a child to incite racial hatred

  5. JB is an idiot.

    Riling up people against immigrants using a fake story to do it is not only morally questionable but also highlights JB’s racist tendencies.

    As john says above, we visit this page for a laugh and entertain ourselves with the ongoing drama that is called JB. It always gives me great pleasure seeing an imbecile crash and burn. I might just be sitting in the public gallery this Friday, just for a giggle and hopefully see a lump of shit get flushed.

    JB should have done himself a huge favour and delete this blog, but hey, idiots never learn. Rest assured JB, even those stories that you fake, that get deleted, have all been screenshotted and sent to the appropriate authorities. 🙂

  6. Timing is everything 🙂 If only he’d backtrack on all the other falsified stories on the DB. We all visit this page for a laugh now. JB needs some serious therapy.

    Perhaps he’ll get that where he’s going 🙂

  7. There seems to be a lot of backtracking going on here…anyone would think you had a court case on Friday morning.

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