Sikh and Hindu community complain at left wing politically correct racism

The Daily Bale brings you exclusively yet another example of left wing politically correct racism.

It has been well known for some time now that the politically correct looney brigade use peoples race to push their own political adgenda, trying to make themselves look like a ‘moral’ ideology.
But The Daily Bale proves that they are far from ‘moral’ and more like fascists and blatent racists.

The left wing politically correct groups, like ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Slatukip’ on facebook, and now also a group called ‘Bale out’ on Facebook who protest against the Daily Bale itself – present themselves as ‘moral’ decent outfits that just want to overcome fascism. But just read some of the comments and posts on the ‘Bale out’ wall, then make your own mind up as to what these people are !

But the point we make here, besides the setting up of these brainwashed dropout ‘anti fascist’ groups that we see on social networking sites, there are also real issues and damage being caused in our communities by the politically correct brigade, that are causing tension and hatred, and actually spreading racism where none existed before.

The left wing marxist politically correct cranks, actually recognise ‘differences’ in people by the very fact of calling everybody else racist, who would never even of thought of ‘difference’ if the left wing P.C racists hadnt of brought race up in the first place.

All our communities are now getting fed up with left wing politically correct blatent racism, and want an end to it now !

The Daily Bale stands behind the Sikh and Hindu communities, and all communities in their complaints against the politically correct stereotyping of race, and the blatent racism of the left wing.
The Daily Bale welcomes all communities, and we strongly support the removal of politically correct racism from all areas of public life.