Political Correctness Brainwashing in schools ruining children’s education


Political Correctness enforced by left wing Marxist militants is ruining our children’s education with crackpot mentality and loony tune left wing mentality that has nothing to do with the real world – but everything to do with left wing politically correct lunacy and Marxist madness.

The simple fact of the matter is – no matter how much government bodies discuss different ways to teach children, or how we can teach them better, or where we are going wrong teaching them – none of this is the actual issue.

The one simple problem we have in schools today is – ‘Political Correctness’

If children are not given proper boundaries with discipline and consequences for actions and punishment for bad behaviour instead of rewarding good behaviour – then children will not learn.

Children have caught on that the teachers cannot do a damn thing to stop them doing whatever they want to do. Schools have become one big play time and adults are objects of ridicule whilst children rule the day.

Any child that wants to learn cannot do so because of the disruption and noise, and schools have become a very unsafe environment for children to be in, as children pick up on the fact that the adults do not have control, but the other children do. And that includes bullies and violent children who are subsequently rewarded when they are not violent or disruptive.

If our children are to ever learn anything or be safe in schools so that they can actually learn, then we have to get rid of the politically correct weirdos, fruitcakes, sickos and left wing cranks, loonies and nutters that are currently dictating how schools should be run.


6 thoughts on “Political Correctness Brainwashing in schools ruining children’s education

  1. Political Correctness and Marx don’t go together in the same sentence, maybe you would benefit from an education full stop.

  2. Education in this country is like a bruised anus, we need a radical rethink before our children become thoroughbred communists

  3. The education system needs a rethink, that’s for sure. Unfortunately the vile left wing sick pathetic freaks have infiltrated the system and reigned down pc garbage on our poor unsuspecting children in the one place they are supposed to be safe.

  4. Unfortunately it’s true and the only way to deal with our children is by implementing full extermination across the board, send them to camps and up through a chimney. Job done.

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