Hope Not Hate Left Wing Anti Fascist Group Race Hate Shame

hope not hate The Daily Bale brings you exclusively a report given to us by an Ex member of the race hate stiring left wing anti fascist thug organisation – Hope Not Hate.

Steven Westcliffe (name changed to protect identity) was with the hated left wing race hate stiring anti fascist group ‘Hope Not Hate’ for 7 months, before deserting them in disgust at their vile policies and bullying tactics against anybody who disagreed with them or anybody who would not follow their so called politically correct agenda.

Steven told the Daily Bale “i joined Hope Not Hate because i was friends with a guy already in the organisation, and i just thought they were against hate and fascism like they make out they are on facebook and in their discription. But they are anything but against hate or fascism. They are extreme left wing, and are mainly about communism and the breakdown of the united kingdom as an identity and as a people. They say they are anti fascist and anti racist, but i was told by our action squad leader that the anti fascist thing was a sham just to make them seem morally acceptable to the general public. They force politically correct marxist communist brainwashing upon everybody by pretending to be anti racist and morally just. They then accuse everybody else of being racist, and by doing that very thing, they actually point out the differences in peoples race themselves.
So that makes them racist by the very fact of bringing attention to race all the time, and even more so than anybody else who would never even of thought about differences in race until the left wing brought it up themselves. I pointed this out to my action squad leaders several times, and told them that this was hypocritical and actually racist of them for bringing attention to race by race hate slander and calling everybody racist. But i was threatened on several occassions and warned that if i didnt conform i would face severe punishment.
I realised then that i had to get out of Hope Not Hate, and that this so called ‘moral group’ was in actual fact evil. I would like to point out that i was also aware of a hate campaign against certain people who spoke out against them publicly. They also have ‘infiltration cells’ on facebook, and pretend to be friendly and part of other groups. But they are just there to collect information and cause as much chaos and disruption as possible. Also i know that the anti fascists have it in for the Daily Bale, because they fear what the Daily Bale reports and exposes about them. They have been directly targeting the Daily Bale for some time now with slander and lies, and they even message hundreds of people trying to turn people against the Daily Bale with lies and false rumour. I know this because i regret to say now, i was one of them. But take it from me as an Ex member of Hope Not Hate myself, its not the Daily Bale who is immoral or wrong in their views on the left wing. They are very very right !
I just want to add, i have recieved no payment for this article, and i contacted the Daily Bale of my own free will, because i believe the public should know the truth”


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