Ed Miliband claimed tampons on expenses


The Daily Bale has been leaked documents showing claims for expenses made by Ed Miliband in 2006 before he took up a post with the cabinet in 2007.

In the year of 2006, smug faced miliband spent £7670 of tax payers money on his expenses. Whilst handing in his expenses form for that year, only £3525 of it has been accounted for. Where’s the money Ed?

On the list of items Mr. Miliband claimed expenses for, here are some of the more obscure items he claimed for:

(£2.90): Tampax compak tampons, regular 20 pack
(£3.29): Twinings black keenum tea bags, 100G
(£2.00): Philips 42W lightbulb
(£2.00): One stick of rock
(£4.50): Goats cheese
(£2.48): John West Caviar, 50G
(£300): 200 ham and pickle sandwiches, parliament cafe.


Not only did Ed claim for a pack of tampons but he also claimed for Caviar whilst the rest of us starved because of the economic collapse caused by his party.

Can a man who spends tax payers’ money on tampons and Caviar really be trusted to run the country? You be the judge.

Steven Sodholmy


9 thoughts on “Ed Miliband claimed tampons on expenses

  1. I don’t quite understand. While he bought caviar, it cost just £2.48 and I really can’t see the link between doing so and being ‘unfit to run the country’. Another leap of logic which doesn’t quite make sense is that between causing people to starve because of ‘the economic crash caused by his party’ especially when during 2006 the economy was booming and the 2008 crash was a worldwide affair caused predominantly by deregulation of the financial industry (a right wing policy began by Thatcher in the UK but continued under Major and Blair).

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  3. I am a labour party supporter, whs the big deal with claiming expenses on caviar or tampons?

    Besides that, the NHS paid to have two cancerous mammary glands removed from my chest and that was because of labour.

    Anybody who disagrees is a fascist and a racist

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