Joshua Bonehill: The Left-Wing disease


For some time now I have campaigned against the left-wing establishment and directed questions to them that they can not answer but there is one thing i have learnt about the Leftist scourge, they are a disease.

A cancerous disease that has manifested its way into the heart and minds of the British People. Spreading lies and false information through underhand tactics, the left wing are a burden to the British people.

If we don’t agree with them and their views then we are branded ‘racists’, or in the even more extreme circumstances we are accused of being Nazis and facists. They always try to take the ‘moral highground’ and believe that their actions are morally just.

Through years of labour party brainwashing, the lie that is political correctness and the control over national media and news, we have been conditioned to accept that the leftist views are correct and standard.

Now with the harsh days of The labour party rulling behind, people are starting to wake up and realize that we’ve been lied to as a people. They lied about the true cost of immigration, the amount of government lending and spending that took place under Blair’s premiership.

We can never allow the labour party to take office again, the result would be unimaginable damage to great Britain. Ed Milliband is a proven liar and socialist, he only wishes to continue the work started by tony Blair and drive the UK into further destruction.

British children are being taught about ‘The values of multiculturalism’ in our schools. I was informed of one school in Leeds that has even started teaching children Islam and forcing them to undertake Islamic studies combined with a barrage of politically correct garbage.

Change must start with our educational system, our children are the future of this country and yet still they are being lied to in schools and brought up on leftist principals that do not work.

The left-wing have almost been successful in destroying our communities accross the country by making people.of different cultures live side by side and creating gaping holes in community circles.

I would like to see a conservative-ukip coalition formed in 2015. I do not believe that UKIP will be able to win an outright majority but we can only hope for a coalition formed of these two parties, osborne is working hard to fix the economy and already we are seeing results. Couple the economic success of the conservative party with the patriotic flame of the UKIP and Britain once again can be great.

Cameron and farage together would make a positive impact on this country and the left wing disease of which I speak would truly be exterminated, once and for all.

Joshua Bonehill


15 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill: The Left-Wing disease

  1. Second offence you are an idiot! You’ll be gone for years and your ass will be huge when you get out!

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  3. I actually love porridge, so I will do if I’m lucky enough to be put up at the cost of you (the taxpayer) in one of her majesties prisons for a few weeks. I think it will cost about £250000 to put me up for that time where I will get the opportunity to work out every day, study and read, write and contemplate my next move. Let’s not also forget the free media and pr coverage I will get because no doubt the press will cover the story. Now let’s say I am sent down for about 12 weeks, I’d be back out and whilst imprisoned the daily bale would still be up and running and nothing would change at all. I may decide to take to drink and drugs on my release and re offend which will start a lifetime of being a burden to the tax payer because I will be going in and out of prison. So yes, I will take my porridge and eat it, thank you very much.

  4. This article and Mr bonehill is what Mr Cameron need to listen to, I am a gay woman and far from racist, this country is going to the dogs because of Tony Blair, a coalition is definitely the way forward to save our country and make it great again. Well done you for standing up and being counted, I know who I’ll be voting for.

  5. A good column to read. It’s a shame the daily mail don’t give you a column in their publication because I’d certainly enjoy reading more of your works, you always tell it how it is. Like a true patriot

  6. This is why I love this site, you always tell it how it is. I don’t understand why you ever left politics mr b because we needed people like you back here in the old party.

  7. Some very good points here, great article and yes ukip/con for 2015 is the only way to go in my opinion. Glad to see a man standing up and speaking what he believes. Keep up the great work JB!

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