Man finds ‘face of Hitler’ on grapefruit


A man from norwich recently found what appears to be the face of Nazi dictator, adolf Hitler drawn onto a grapefruit he recently bought at a Tesco Express store in the city.

Peter Hamilton, 33 from norwich was buying his weekly shop in the Tesco Express outlet in his neighbourhood when he spotted the face of adolf Hitler gleaming through a packet of fresh grapefruits on the store.

The grapefruit, which has been dubbed ‘the grapefuhrer’ currently sits pride of place on Mr. Hamilton’s mantlepiece.

Peter Hamilton had this to say, “its not everyday that you find the face of adolf Hitler on a grapefruit, Ive decided to keep it and put it on display in my flat where it has become quite the talking point. My wife, Valerie hates it and tried to cremate it in our fireplace but luckily I saved it from destruction”.

Steven sodholmy


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