Labour party want to introduce ‘Pet Tax’


With the 2015 general election fast approaching, the daily bale has been investigating claims that a labour party government would introduce a radical new ‘Pet tax’ to British households.

If you think living under the cuts made by the conservative/liberal government is bad then think again. Socialist and anti-Britain advocator, Ed Milliband wants to tax you for owning a pet.

In a new piece of legislation drawn up by Ed balls who hopes to replace George osborne in 2015, he has suggested that dog owners should be made to pay £50 a month directly to the labour government.

If you own a cat then you would be made to pay £40 a month.

All animals smaller than a cat being kept in British households will be subject to a £35 a month tax.

In a statement supposedly released from Ed Milibands office, the move to tax British people for owning pets is described as ‘much needed’.

Last week the labour party also announced new plans to create a series of rival banks to face ‘the big four’ in more crazy plans to fix the economy.

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172 thoughts on “Labour party want to introduce ‘Pet Tax’

  1. What was not a hoax was Edwina Currie saying that poor people should not have pets – she said it on 5Live only two years ago.
    Not to mention that the animal shelters ARE filling up with pets – because people are being made homeless by the draconian Tory Cuts.
    That is no hoax.

  2. Someone needs to explain to the writer that satire is more than just lying in an obvious way: it has to be funny too.

  3. We had a dog licence years ago, we should get it back, try and stop all the puppy farms and dog fighting.

  4. A hoax? So what? This is the Daily Bale, where fruitloopery is far more important than researching boring old facts.

  5. Hope it is a hoax or all the shelters will be full and nobody will be able to afford a pet, I would have to send all mine to a shelter too, that would be 5 cats 4 dogs 2 rabbits 2 ferrets 2 parrots a budgie and a lizard cos i wouldn’t be able to afford that as well as feed them.

  6. Followed link with interest. The insurance against dogs not attacking ppl idea was floated in 2010. So, it was, not it is, & Labour had, not Labour have. Try checking sources for dates before trying to suggest this is a new thing.

  7. This is a joke, what they gonna tax nxt? They already cant keep on top of gd road surfaces as loadz full of pot holes yet we pay road tax now dog tax its just a joke!!

  8. It’s not this government it’s the Labour lot…not that that makes a lot of difference, they’re all the same, in it for themselves…but I agree with Ian this is rubbish and totally unworkable anyway. You can imagine the poor pensioners who will get their winter fuel allowance for the cold weather, not sure exactly what that is, a few hundred quid or so and then have to pay more than that back in pet tax…maybe they’ll means test how much you have to pay… that would allow them to waste all the money they’re clawing in like they do with the rest of it…

  9. This is not justifiable, when owners pay a lot as it is keeping their pets. The government surely makes revenue on tax from goods sold to owners; food, toys, leads etc. In japan if the owner of a Japanese Akita(1 of only dogs there) falls into hardship the government will help provide for the dog. I do not see this being passed as it will leave many dogs homeless, as others above have also mentioned. I personally would go to other means to make sure all in my family are cared for, and the government makes no tax on these means. It is utter disgusting that a government that has failed us, being it labour, conservative or liberal democrats is expecting we as the people to pay for their mistakes, when they are still raking in more than the average family in Britain. Mans best friend has helped us from the very beginnings of civilization, they deserve a lot more than hardship created through tax by a very immature government.

  10. Here is a plan that just like the hunting ban is not enforceable! What happens to those caught who just toss there dogs/cats onto the streets instead of paying up ? VERY ill conceived and also losses labour one vote right here !

  11. Don’t we get taxed enough on just about everything?how about cut their fecking wages and increase ours.we can’t even be given something by a dead relative which they have pain all their life for without being taxed on it.income,inheritance,road,bloody everything.iv had enough of being taxed and having to pay for absolutely everything

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