An apology (letter to the globe)


To the globe pub of leciester,

Last year an article was published on the daily bale blog which targeted your establishment with false rumors claiming that the globe has stopped serving members of the armed forces in fear of racial tensions within the community.

The accusations that originated were false and malicious, the concequences had far reaching affects for your pub and for that I am truly sorry.

I was informed that people had decided to leave their jobs working at the globe and that members of staff had been visibly shaken up from the bombardment of offence and hateful calls from members of the general public. This truly upsets me and makes me personally ashamed of my actions in regards to releasing that article and nothing at all can take away the pain and loss caused by my malicious words. 

Many people have asked me about my motives behind the article and the simple truth is that I had been informed that a member of staff from your pub had been responsible for attacking me in a malicious article distributed on hate network, ‘Edl news’.

I should much also like to commend your bravery and spirit shown in the face of those attacks, you were not defeated and in fact emerged the victor with support groups being set up on Facebook and people coming forward and announcing their support to your pub. This spirit of support and ‘sticking together’ is a patriotic British feeling that should be valued above all else and the love and support shown towards your pub and its staff during my attack is a testament to your success as an establishment.

I hope that a positive will come out of this in the sense that people will learn not to read everything they see on the internet, to think before they share on Facebook and to analyze the content of information they are sharing as I believe that social media can be used as an evil tool when needed.

I have personally been attacked in the manner that you were attacked by me, lies were spread by and left wing extremist forum SLATUKIP. The level of manipulation and deciet used by these groups to discredit my name has been truly hateful and subsequently I fought back, but in the wrong way subsequently resulting in the attack on your establishment.

As current, I stand guilty of malicious communications 1988 and will be tried before a court where I intend to plead guilty. I have cooperated fully with the police and been truthful about my involvement with the daily bale and the article posted towards your pub. I am personally ashamed of my actions and no matter what the court bestows upon me in form of punishment, this incident will rest on my shoulders for a very long time.

I am truly sorry and hope that one day your pub and staff can forgive me.


Joshua bonehill
The daily bale


11 thoughts on “An apology (letter to the globe)

  1. Oh dear, did somebody upset you Joshua?
    So you threw your toys out of the pram and made a lie up!
    What a complete moron you are

  2. You picked on the wrong pub in the wrong town. You have plenty more people to apologise to I guess this is the only one who is suing you!

  3. What about my home town,where you made up a story A peadophile village was going to be Built?
    Upsetting all the peacful folk that live there?

    Still using fake accounts i see?
    Hoping it will go well in court if they see them?
    Your a vacuous human

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