Statement in regards to arrest

The communist filth publication ‘the leciester mercury’ reported last week that a 20 year old male had been arrested by detectives investigating the alleged crimes committed by right-wing news publication ‘the daily bale’.

We fully anticipate a left-wing media attack which will border personal harassment and encourge harm to be brought to those behind the daily bale. As left-wing media newspapers proved when they drove Diana off the road and into the wall of the tunnel in Paris, there is no end to their harassment and intimidation.

It is because left wing organizations such as hope not hate, the daily mirror and the labour party fuelled by the evil trade unions that  the daily bale was brought into existance. Everything published on this website. Our face book page or twitter account was in response to a culture of corruption spread by the organisations mentioned above. We are sick of political correctness, Marxist agendas and mass brainwashing and refuse to partake in a society that has become polluted with such evils.

We are not a ‘race-hate’ group as accused by the Croydon advertiser and we certainly do not employ racists. We are simply against left-wing extremism in the united kingdom.

Whilst we will not comment on specific stories currently under police investigation or arrested daily bale journalists, we will say that we are patriots, we have ran this publication with the best intentions at heart.

This will be our last post for the current  time and we will be cooperating fully with the police during the course of their Investigation.

For all press Inquiries, please see the ‘mission statement’ section of this website. Further questions can be sent to

Our sister publication the daily tole will also be suspended pending police investigation.

Furthermore, we believe that our phones have been hacked by daily mirror journalists, our email accounts tampered with and seemingly the mirror is sending journalists to watch our children in school from outside playgrounds.

We will be calling for fresh Inquiries to be made into phone hacking at the daily mirror.

Fred West,

Gloucester corespondent


12 thoughts on “Statement in regards to arrest

  1. Oh dear Joshua, you’ve really gone batfuckingshit crazy this time. I guess the continuous posting of made up shit, coupled with your arrest for being a thieving fucking scumbag, and threatening people on your facebook page should have been significant enough markers.
    You are now a pariah, everybody hates you, left, right, middle- you will get your comeuppence from the courts, your shitbag name will forever be a stain on your poor family.

  2. Joshua, stand strong and know that a lot of people support you, you alone sir have brought about change with your actions the daily bale is a legendary publication that speaks up for the rights of the British people. Hail britannia! , ,

  3. Those that promote fascism and racism do not deserve to be in this country. You speak for NO ONE with your racist anti-multicultural agenda

  4. Left wing extremism??? So anyone that disagrees with a fascist is a ‘left wing extremist’, what bollox, you lick the arses of the rich and slate the trade unions?? You lot are just confused thugs, fucking pondlife, you are an embarrassment to any working class Englishmen, like Mosleys blackshirts you are fucking traitors to decent people, grow a brain before talking politics, dullards!

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