Temporary Hiatus

We’ve unpublished the twitter account and facebook page whilst this obvious storm surrounding the ‘Missing Poster’ incident calms down. When things return to a normal level of sanity, we’ll return.

In short, we’re not here to incite any racial hatred at all but we do stand up against extremism in a way which may be seen as ‘counterproductive’ by some but in our case we believe that the message the Daily Bale is sending out will be effective.

We’re not a racist organisation, we don’t prejudice against people because of the color of their skin, religion or background but we do make it very clear that we’re against Left-Wing extremism which is something that affects people of many different ethnic origins.

Left-Wing extremism is a bad thing, the Daily bale has only ever stood up to it launched an array of iron attacks directly at the leftist enemies in society.

If in doubt or need to speak to us then you can make contact using the email address below

Dailybale@outlook.com for all inquiries




4 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus

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  2. Encouraging people to believe the lie that a six year old has been kidnapped by a gang of Asian men to be groomed sexually IS racist actually. You rely on people’s good natures and perpetuate stereotypes and that is hateful.

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