Woman who stamped on baby named

This was the shocking moment a woman accused of stealing a mobile phone in London threw her baby on the ground and stamped on it. 

The hideous incident came after a high school student had challenged the woman and a female friend, both holding babies, after being told by witnesses that they had stolen her phone.


The confrontation turned physical and the police were called in to London’s Soho district.

The woman who was arrested and later named as 33 year old mother from Norwich, Charli Rees claimed that she had secretly ‘hated the child’ and lost any sense of motherhood at birth when it was born.

The baby who’s name has been protected for legal reasons received hospital treatment for two broken ribs and a fractured cranium. Charli Rees who is a known UAF and Hope not Hate associate was later arrested and granted Bail to a hostel in norwich.

Charli Rees Husband, Gary Crowe had this to say:

“I could never have imagined my wife doing this to our child but it seems in recent weeks she has come under a lot of pressure from several failed charity events that consumed her life”.

“Charli is not a bad woman, she just suffers with issues that possibly drove her to do this to our child but I can not and will not forgive her”

Ms Rees will be standing trail at Norwich crown court on the 22nd of November as she currently pleaded not guilty under the mental health act.

One local solicitor described the case as “Simply astonishing”.


Steven Sodholmy, Reporter




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  3. Thick twat. When child aren’t named, parents aren’t named either because it sort of gives the child’s name away as well. Not even any good at lying this racist twat.

  4. it’s lies….the person who wrote this is a total freak and very messed up in his pea sized brain….obviously not a real reporter as they can spell….

  5. This is so sick ? How could any mother do this sickens me !!! , my son is the world to me I can’t even hear him cry and I’m running to him he is everything , this is just horrible under no circumstances mental health or any other problem should this be acceptable !

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