Social Services purposely take EDL children

The Daily Bale has learnt that social services have been recently asked to start taking away the children of suspected English Defence League activists and blaming the parents of mistreating the children or putting them in harms way. 

It’s been widely known for some time that Social Services is a corrupt left-wing organisation that only seeks to steal children from the arms of parents to no ends. After a recent scandal where Social Services in wales was found guilty of wrongly taking away a foster child from a couple because they supported UKIP, the Daily Bale has learned that now Social Services are trying to do the same but to English Defence League Parents.

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Mick & Shelly Rockford form leeds have been English Defence League supporters since the lobby group was created but got in touch with the Daily Bale to tell us that Social Services had recently taken their 2 year old daughter into care because of their connections to the EDL. Mr. Rockford had this to say:

“Our 2 year old daughter Patricia was stolen from us by Leeds Social Services, it was a dark tuesday morning when a social worker with 2 police officers knocked on our door with a warrant to seize our child due to neglect and mistreatment”.

“The social worker who took our Patricia also said that they had been told to take the child because English Defence League members were unfit to be parents and didn’t deserve the right to look after a child”.

“Shocked and horrified as we were, we’re now appealing the case in a tribunal but we’ve been told not to expect a victory”.

So it seems that Social Services and the police are working together in order to ‘seize’ English Defence League children in the early hours of the morning with the element of surprise at their disposal with what has been described as ‘Gestapo tactics’.


Picture, (Mick and Shelly Rockford)

Kathryn Jennings, Reporter


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  1. Would agree that EDL parents shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children, exposing them to hate and bigotry and the lies they espouse

  2. EDL have a child? Good they don’t show it, it is probably a disgusting inbred who will grow up to be ignorant fascists. They really should not allow EDL members to bring up children imo

  3. What they don’t realise is that the EDL baby will learn the ways of the Mooslim family and then have the tools to destroy it – taking down from the inside! Take that social services! EDL 5eva!

  4. They are fostering the children of the EDL parents out to muslim familys in order to give them an understanding of islam! Unreal!

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