Croydon Advertiser – Rachel Millard

The Croydon Advertiser, a Left-wing publication which seemingly belongs to the Guardian and has connections to both Hope not Hate and the Daily Mirror launched a savage and brutal attack against the Daily Bale today, accusing us of being a ‘Race-Hate’ group.

Rather typically of the Left-Wing, this is no great surprise because when they become worried and have no other options they start to accuse people of ‘racism’. In it’s 3 month history, the Daily Bale has not once been racist; we do not target ethnic groups but we do target left-wing extremists who are destroying our society from the inside out. 


A closer look at the Croydon Advertiser, more particularly the journalist who made up the story about the Daily Bale reveals a much darker and dangerous truth to the whole thing. 

Rachel Millard of the Croydon advertiser, a left-wing activist and UAF degenerate was solely responsible for creating this false article about us, this is a woman who is steeped in so much hate and left-wing worship that her whole life she has dedicated to the cause. 

So who exactly is Rachel Millard? 

  • A member of the Communist part of Great Britain
  • A feminist 
  • A member of Hope not Hate
  • An Anarchist 
  • A terrorist 
  • A Satanist 
  • A Sadist 
  • A middle-class lefty

So why should a woman who holds all of the above views be allowed to have a career in journalism? Is it not just slightly possible that she might lie about the Daily Bale, a right wing group in her article? 





5 thoughts on “Croydon Advertiser – Rachel Millard

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  2. well all i can say is she sounds like my kind of woman and good luck to her , better than the lies on the daily bail that are far right . i wonder if my coments will be alterd yet again

  3. It seems your plea for information on me has failed Daily Bale. Why don’t you contact me yourselves about your claims of ‘slander’ instead of posting my picture across twitter and facebook?
    Although a slight thanks is in order. My views on my own blog has skyrocketed since you posted a link. Ta!

  4. I don’t understand what this article is about! There doesn’t seem to be a story here. There are people in the world I don’t agree with, either, but I don’t make up a blog attacking them because I have enough delusion to believe what I say is always correct. Everyone who believes this web-site has stolen diamonds. I hate all of you for stealing diamonds from the queen! you are all extremists who hate my country. Why don’t all you EDL rascists leave my country? England will never be rascicst! England to be saved from people who demented believe in the bible – your children will suffer!

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