Single Mother evicted for flying Union Jack

22 year old Single mother Julia Pain from Bolton was evicted by her Asian Landlord for displaying a Union Jack outside her house last Wednesday the Daily Bale understands.

Julia who rented a studio flat on the firwood lane in Bolton had recently given birth to her daughter Tiffany and was set on starting a new life with the new apartment having just ended a domestically challenged relationship with her partner.


Julia who is a proud British Patriot displayed the flag outside the lower window of the flat for approximately one week before being contacted by her landlord Mr. Saif Al Muhammed who she claims was furious about her displaying it on the property.

Mr. Al Muhammed then terminated the tenancy agreement between Ms Pain and himself before forcing her out onto the streets with her newborn baby.

The Daily Bale asked Mr. Al Muhammed for a statement and he said:

“The Union Jack is a symbol of racism and is not welcome on any of my properties, we make it clear in the tenancy guidelines that no British or racist material will be allowed on properties otherwise this will result in instant eviction”.

Ms Pain we understand is now living with her parents but her confidence in first time home renting has been completely shattered by this incident of which she claims discriminated her because of her British nationality.


11 thoughts on “Single Mother evicted for flying Union Jack

  1. EDL and other groups should not be given a billboard. If you knew history you would understand the English flag is a flag of oppression and not a thing to be proud of

  2. I know this woman. She didn’t get evicted for flying a flag, she hadn’t paid her rent for 9 months. You CANNOT be evicted for flying a union Jack. I have one attached to the window of my rented property – the landlord is Asian – and have had no problems. My landlord has even remarked that the British flag looks much prettier than his!

  3. I wonder if he would have done the same if the tenant had been asian and flying thier national flag, doubt it. Am sick of seeing this kind of behaviour, why do we put up with it?. This is the kind of behaviour that creates groups like NF and EDL,.To the landlord, you living here as a british citizen by default makes the british flag, YOUR flag too. You call britian racist ( by going against the flag) yet you seem more than happy to take our money and get fat, contradiction and hypocracy are the only words going through my mind that i can actually write on here. Idiot is another.

  4. MUZZRAT ! Those rules are not legal WTF ?? why give money to the scumlords ? its all part of standing together, the muzzrats have a plan, WE dont !!

  5. They say brıts are rascist This is disgusting behaviour from any landlord in uk.If the landlord was whıte ıt would lead to a big court case wıth the poor victım claimıng thousands but us whıtes hve no rights nowadays.

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