Could Billy Bragg be a Pedophile?

The Daily Bale has always kept a close eye on notorious Left-Wing criminal Billy Bragg who we managed to link to the funding of terrorism and ultimately the 9/11 attacks thus proving a link between the British Left-Wing and terrorism our soldiers are fighting out in Afghanistan but a closer look at Bragg revealed a lot more.


Billy Bragg who is known as the ‘Champagne Socialist’ for his rich and lavish lifestyle above real working class people likes to think of himself a champion of the leftist unions and working class.


Bragg is well known for his obsession with children, since 1977 Bragg has collected indecent images of children doing ballet and is often known to be found outside schools giving out leaflets for communist marches and influencing children to take up socialist activities with him and the ‘gang’.

Living the lifestyle that he did, it’s entirely possible that Billy Bragg also took advantage of those underage fans during the 1980s when they came into his room after the shows he performed exclusively for children. The other thing that needs to be called to question is Bragg’s association with convicted Pedophile and disgraced human being, Jimmy Saville.

Saville and Bragg were well known to share a ‘special relationship’ during the 1990s and Bragg had connections to Gary Glitter through his agent.  Is it at all possible that Bragg was a central part of the alleged BBC Pedophile gang that operated for several decades within the BBC?

The Daily Bale will be making a recommendation to Operation Yewtree to investigate Billy Bragg but meanwhile we will be holding our own investigation into his past and the people he associated himself with.

If Billy Bragg ever touched you as a child or encouraged you to do things against your will then the Daily Bale would like to hear from you. If you have ever been in the company of Bragg whilst he has taken drugs or done something illegal then we would like to hear from you.

The message we would like to send Bragg is that if you are guilty we will prosecute you publicly and hold you accountable for every wrong doing you have done over the past few centuries. We are classifying you as a ‘Suspected Pedophile’. Furthermore, the editor of the Daily Bale challenges you to a fight, should you accept then make it known publicly and we will arrange it. 


Reporter, Steven Sodholmy


7 thoughts on “Could Billy Bragg be a Pedophile?

  1. Bloody hell, you must be desperate to write this. Never heard of any allegations. You just make shit up about people you don’t like. Twats, and everything that is wrong in England today

  2. I like Billy Bragg’s music 🙂 I very much doubt he is a paedophile, and anyway isn’t it up to the police to investigate these things? Your article is pretty much a low and meaningless slur against a man who has done more for workers rights and the real people of Britain than any of your right wing thugs. You should do away with rubbish like this and concentrate on stories that might actually contain a grain of truth. No wait, you cant do that can you, because the real truth doesn’t fit in with your warped and evil agenda. 🙂
    Ps, ill be reading this ridiculous amateur blog regularly from now on since discovering it, I enjoy laughing and have had a fun time reading your bollocks.

  3. I’m more worried about the authors of this blog! They seem to know a lot about the child-grooming ways of the 1980’s. Is it a coincidence or were they there? (probable, if they know so much). Also, they run a web-site and everyone knows people who run web-sites can easily get access to child porn! I really hope this isn’t a cover, Daily Bale. It would break my heart to know that you are worse than all the left-wing idiots, what with them trying to treat everyone equally and make sure no-one has to live in fear. How stupid can you get? Everyone should live in fear – except me.

  4. Ah Mr Bragg….every nationalist should make sure every concert of his is disrupted. He should not be allowed to play unhindered again.

  5. “and hold you accountable for every wrong doing you have done over the past few centuries.”

    Don’t you mean decades?

    I doubt the man is over a hundred.

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