A case for return?

The Daily Bale is embedded in many hearts as the newspaper that stands up firmly to the Left, Is there now a case to return back into the mainstream and continue as before?



The Daily Bale has been on hiatus now for some months, after the incident with the Globe Pub, Nikki Pilkington and several other highlights we decided to throw in the towel and give it some time before we made our return.

See, we were set up to serve the right-wing community but because of people like Maggie Chapman (Long term enemy of the Daily Bale, Left-wing spy) who has been going between the left and the right, turning them against the Bale it’s made it almost impossible for us to operate exclusively for the right-wing community.

Then We have, Sara Roocroft of the British Patriot Society (a UKIP Front) who seems to have teamed up with Left-Wing Spy Maggie Chapman and is putting out Anti-Daily Bale material on her facebook page which is misinforming real patriots.

This is the very thing with Facebook though, there are many right-wing pages like the British Patriots Society, the UKIP Gateshead and Brighton & hove pages which claim to be on our side when in fact they are being run by double agents and traitors. People place too much trust in Facebook and are quick to share things without thinking of the damage the content may actually do.

The Daily Bale has always been right-wing, nothing can possibly change that and maybe a little too right-wing for some but that is the nature of our business.

We will return eventually but we’re just giving it some time, everything is ready to go back up again including our facebook and twitter feeds so nothing is lost.

rest assured, we will be here to defend British people in the coming dreadful year of 2014.

Steven Sodholmy


4 thoughts on “A case for return?

  1. lying load of toss pots so far right wing thay make hitler look good make up stopreys about people that are not true , now no one bleaves vaney thing u say so piss off back under your stone

  2. This is quite possible the best satire I’ve ever read. Keep up the good work. I can’t believe some people believe it’s serious! WTF are they stupid? its all good fun!

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