UAF Man murders turtle with Golf Club

Sickening images of an innocent mother turtle having had it’s shell smashed in went viral last week and a man hunt to find those responsible ensued. After the Daily Bale led a campaign to find those responsible for this sickening crime, 22 year old UAF man. Gregg Saunders was arrested for this horrific deed. 

The female turtle who was looking for a place to harmlessly lay her eggs entered onto bawburgh golf course in Norwich where she was met with pure evil by 22 year old Saunders. Image

Gregg Saunders who is a regular of the Bawburgh golf course had just turned up to play golf after a meeting at the Norwich UAF headquarters on sunday. After seeing the turtle approaching him, Saunders raced towards it and struck it 7 times in the back and head with his club.

Saunders was then reportedly seen to raise his golf club in the air and laugh hysterically to himself before running back to the changing rooms and leaving the course. 

The turtle died of it’s injuries later that day.

First on the scene and golf club worker Jen Astley had this to say, “Never in my 20 years of working for Bawburgh Golf club have I seen something like this. As an admirer of all animals i was shocked to find the female turtle lying in the middle of the course with these horrific injuries, we were all shocked; it was simply terrible”. 

Gregg Saunders is currently awaiting sentencing on the 22nd of September at Norwich magistrates court. 

Article by Steven Sodholmy




5 thoughts on “UAF Man murders turtle with Golf Club

  1. This is truly a dreadful crime, which the Daily Bale has rightfully exposed.

    It’s clearly a copycat incident as well – a remarkably similar turtle suffered remarkably similar injuries on a golf course on the other side of the world three months ago. Look:

    It’s quite touching that the caring people at the golf course chose to lay their turtle in the same kind of box and take a picture from exactly the same angle. Such is the similarity that if you upload the photo above into Google Images, it returns several news articles about the Wisconsin incident – which just goes to show how thorough the caring golf club folk were in paying tribute to their turtle friends. It’s what they would have wanted.

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  3. Let’s Google the name ‘Joshua Bonehill’, the man who writes The Daily BALE.

    Let’s see how true the Daily BALE is.

    I wonder if Joshua Bonehill has ever been convicted?

    I wonder if a charity in the name of murdered soldier Lee Rigby, is after Joshua Bonehill for stealing money?

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