Disgraced British soldier becomes a Muslim woman

An Disgraced former British Territorial Army soldier has had a sickening sex change operation to become a female before it converted to Islam and married a man.

“Lucy Vallender” as it’s now known was kicked out of the Army for incompetency and desertion has recently completed a sex change which was carried out unnaturally and paid for by the British Tax payer. Image

Soon after the Sex change, Vallender converted to Islam and now prays five times a day and wears a black veil. 

Clearly in this instance, Vallender is a left-wing pervert who wanted to become some form of sickening martyr to the Left-Wing cause. By having his genitals savagely and unnaturally removed, he then converted to islam purposely to make a point.

Vallender who has a history with the UAF and Political Left-Wing blog, Hope not hate is said to have kept his genitals as am offering to Allah. 

More on this story as it develops, any information is gratefully received


13 thoughts on “Disgraced British soldier becomes a Muslim woman

  1. British soldiers = dumb cunts who have no respect for our country.
    you might say they risk their lives for this country but then they act like the scum of it by rolling around the streets like 13 year olds who cant handle a beer, smashing the towns up and pissing in the streets.
    Its very clear that these idiots have no respect or decency in them.
    usually northern scum, retarded dumb boys who couldn’t do anything else but join the army and have there ass wiped for them..

  2. The British army are a disgrace to this country.
    so called soldiers are just idiots who need looking after by mummy. Pathetic drunks and drug addict that’s all they are. Brainless little boys.

  3. It never happened, you fucking idiot. There is no reason to believe that this happened. Its just another lie from Bonehill. Besides, I wouldnt be surprised if that comment was posted by one of Bonehills sockpuppets.

  4. I am not sure why Laurens deciided to change sex It is something I do not understand, But Laurens now Lucy has never said a bad word about anyone.

  5. As a transwoman I find this insulting, maybe you should learn the facts before calling someone a freak and a pervert, you have no right to judge what you don’t understand, people like you make me ashamed to be British!

  6. I should not expect anything less from a Bonehill-Gains, should I? Do you remeber me Joshie Woshie? My name is Judith Fossington-Gore. I was your Headmistress at Yeovil Preparatory School. I remember your shirtlifting in the Playground and the fact you would not interact with females. I also remember your ghastly mother turning up at school with a new “daddy” for you every other day oh and her obsession with bestiality!
    Please shut this website down you stupid stupid little child!
    Now run along now theres a good boy

  7. Unbelievable….all paid for by the british taxpayer…left wing liberal crap costing us again…and then converting to Islam…enough said the mans a disgrace…

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