Ros Wynne-Jones: Traitor, Pedophile & Communist

Ros Wynne-Jones is a communist snitch who works for the Daily mirror and Hope not Hate, she’s been on our radar for some time. Wynne-Jones who is best friends with disgraced human being, nonce and terrorist; Nick Lowles has been found guilty of fueling the communist expansion.

Failed author and Africa sympathiser Ros Wynne-Jones is one of those Left-Wing middle class hypocrites that sits around all day eating high calorie food and using her obesic fingers to type up poison for the Daily Mirror & Hope not hate.Image

Ros is currently writing for the communist newspaper, the Daily Mirror in what she calls a “Real Britain” column where in fact she’s spieling anti-British red propaganda to trick the working man into thinking she’s on his side but in fact is trying to recruit for the evil Unions that are taking over this country.

If you go to her website ( you’ll instantly notice how it’s more about Africa then it is about her and what she does. Ros is one of those people that pretends to be morally better than you because she writes the odd article about how black people in Africa are constantly oppressed or are starving.

This is typical behavior for the common middle class Left-Wing morally constructed, PC verminous freak. What’s more worrying is her connections to proven terrorist & hate preacher Nick Lowles who was outed by the Daily Bale as being part of a Pedophile gang with convinced nonce and disgraced human being; Tom O’ Carroll.  

With the connections to Tom O’Carroll & Nick Lowles, this woman certainly has a lot to answer for. It’s entirely feasible that she is in fact a nonce and participates in sick child abuse with her colleagues at the Daily Mirror. 

It seems that Ross has been writing about How good she thinks Hope not Hate is for some years now and spreading the lies and propaganda the unions want you to read. No doubt she’s been to several UAF demonstrations with her greasy anti-british friends. 

We believe although we have no evidence as of yet that Ros is responsible for a lot of the recent Left-Wing troll accounts from pages such as SLATUKIP, SLATEDL and Hope not Hate on the Facebook. If you take a good look at Ros’s obsesic face you can clearly see that she is of the manipulative sort of whom is out to cause trouble for the right wing community. 

We believe that Ros Wynne-Jones is a Danger to Great Britan and should be added to Redwatch along with all of her personal details. The case against her is really growing on a daily basis as she continues to write for these communist publications. 

The Daily Bale will be continuing to watch this nonce with a close eye, we are also appealing for information about ros which may prove useful in our investigation. If you know anything about this vile and sickening woman then please get in touch with us.

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