Disgraced British soldier becomes a Muslim woman

An Disgraced former British Territorial Army soldier has had a sickening sex change operation to become a female before it converted to Islam and married a man.

“Lucy Vallender” as it’s now known was kicked out of the Army for incompetency and desertion has recently completed a sex change which was carried out unnaturally and paid for by the British Tax payer. Image

Soon after the Sex change, Vallender converted to Islam and now prays five times a day and wears a black veil. 

Clearly in this instance, Vallender is a left-wing pervert who wanted to become some form of sickening martyr to the Left-Wing cause. By having his genitals savagely and unnaturally removed, he then converted to islam purposely to make a point.

Vallender who has a history with the UAF and Political Left-Wing blog, Hope not hate is said to have kept his genitals as am offering to Allah. 

More on this story as it develops, any information is gratefully received

UAF deface Churchill Statue

An UAF man has been sentenced to 30 days’ imprisonment for defacing the statue of Winston Churchill during May Day demonstrations in central London.

Cambridge-based student James Matthews, 25, was also ordered to pay £250 in compensation to the Royal Parks Agency for the damage he caused.

He pleaded guilty at Horseferry Road Magistrates’ Court to intentionally or recklessly damaging the statue in Parliament Square. Image

There was widespread outcry from MPs and the press after the statue of the former prime minister was defaced with red paint and the Cenotaph was sprayed with graffiti during rioting at the anti-capitalism demonstration.

The figure, which stands in Parliament Square, was made to look as though blood was dripping from its mouth.

Graffiti was sprayed on the plinth and a turf mohican was added to the statue’s head.

Mr Matthews, who is with the left-wing organization; Unite against Facism justified his actions by telling court: “I thought that on a day when people all over the world were gathering to express their human rights and the right to freedom of speech, I would express a challenge to an icon of the British establishment.”

Magistrate Roger Davies, sentencing him, described the defendant as an intelligent man who should have acted in a “more sober and sensible way”.

He added: “Your actions caused great affront to many British people and people overseas.

“The Churchill statue symbolises to many people the war effort and the struggle against the Nazis.”

Mr Matthews, who is studying English and European literature at Anglia Polytechnic University, turned himself in to police after a newspaper photograph pictured him hanging from the Churchill statue.

Although he admitted defacing that statue, he denied any involvement in graffiti sprayed on the Whitehall Cenotaph during the UAF demonstrations.

UAF Man murders turtle with Golf Club

Sickening images of an innocent mother turtle having had it’s shell smashed in went viral last week and a man hunt to find those responsible ensued. After the Daily Bale led a campaign to find those responsible for this sickening crime, 22 year old UAF man. Gregg Saunders was arrested for this horrific deed. 

The female turtle who was looking for a place to harmlessly lay her eggs entered onto bawburgh golf course in Norwich where she was met with pure evil by 22 year old Saunders. Image

Gregg Saunders who is a regular of the Bawburgh golf course had just turned up to play golf after a meeting at the Norwich UAF headquarters on sunday. After seeing the turtle approaching him, Saunders raced towards it and struck it 7 times in the back and head with his club.

Saunders was then reportedly seen to raise his golf club in the air and laugh hysterically to himself before running back to the changing rooms and leaving the course. 

The turtle died of it’s injuries later that day.

First on the scene and golf club worker Jen Astley had this to say, “Never in my 20 years of working for Bawburgh Golf club have I seen something like this. As an admirer of all animals i was shocked to find the female turtle lying in the middle of the course with these horrific injuries, we were all shocked; it was simply terrible”. 

Gregg Saunders is currently awaiting sentencing on the 22nd of September at Norwich magistrates court. 

Article by Steven Sodholmy



EDL man targeted in Left-Wing Hoax

The Bolton news recently released an article claiming that EDL supporter and fellow right winger, Joseph Guite had been responsible for attacking Gary Costello last December with a ceramic mug. The Daily Bale has found evidence that this never happened at all and is in fact a communist lie spread to attack the EDL and right-wing as a whole.

Joseph Guite is a Patriot and right wing activist who has done nothing but support the right-wing in the United Kingdom. A Man who has fought for his country on the streets of this country, defending it against Left-Wing extremism and hate preachers. Image

A Young female reporter by the name of Miranda Newey, took it upon herself to attack Mr. Guite in a clearly fictitious and libelous article as issued by the left-wing newspaper; The Bolton News. 

This is another clear cut example of Left-Wing media lies, as soon as Miranda published this article the terrorist blog of disgraced human being Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate soon re posted the article.

The Daily Bale has looked into the case of Guite V Costello and have found no evidence of any attack taking place. Mr. Guite has been wrongly accused and been made the victim of Left-wing Extremism. 

The Daily Bale will continue to investigate Miranda Newey and press for a full apology and withdrawal of the article she posted on the Bolton news. 

Mr. Guite was wrongly jailed for 30 months. 

We suggest that EDL Patriots use the hash tag #WesupportJoseph on twitter to fightback at this hideous incident of Left-Wing perversion.

Here is the original filthy, lying article that targeted Joseph Guite: http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/10649295.Thug_smashed_man_in_face_with_ceramic_mug/



UAF Thug who kicked dog named

 A jobless Unite against fascism criminal has been revealed as the thug who was caught on film kicking a puppy into the air in a South London park.

Footage of Arthur Kent’s sickening attack sparked a Facebook-led manhunt after it was posted on YouTube by a horrified onlooker.

Kent, 24, who was released from prison in January after serving 18 months for robbery, faces jail again if he is convicted of animal cruelty for his assault on his brother’s puppy, Thumper. Image

Before he was apprehended, Kent is claimed to have joked about the incident – answering the phone to a friend and fellow UAF associate, Craig Connan, by saying ‘Battersea Dogs Home.’

When confronted by Channel 5 news reporter Jason Farrell, Kent insisted he lost his temper with the dog in Knee Hill Park, Abbey Wood after it urinated on his trousers and refused to walk on the lead.

Kent, who has his own dog called Bouncer, insists he is ‘ashamed and disgusted’ with himself after seeing footage of the incident.

He said: ‘I would never hurt an animal, I’ve had dogs my whole life. If I saw someone doing that to a dog I’d want to punch them in the face.’

Ken was slammed by his own cousin, Kerry Williams, 20, who claimed he was a victim of ‘broken Britain.’

At one stage, the puppy was kicked so hard that it was lifted off the ground at the park in Abbey Wood, South East London.

Details of the incident caused a public outcry. A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who have impounded the puppy, said : ‘We are still in the process of investigating this incident. Our investigators are questioning a man.’

Police are understood to have arrested him, interviewed him and released him without charge before RSPCA officials took over the case.

Soon after the clip was posted, an RSPCA spokesman said: ‘The footage is extremely shocking as it shows what appears to be a man deliberately kicking the dog with some considerable force.’

The film sparked anger in internet chatrooms.  One post on the Life With Dogs site said: ‘What a disgrace! That poor sweet puppy is terrified of this vile human. Let’s get to work and get this guy!

‘We must hunt him down, bring him to justice and save that sweet dog from certain death.’

Another animal lover said: ‘The dog looks so scared and hesitant to follow him.’

Kent, who was brought up along with five other siblings by his single mother in Bexleyheath, had received death threats on Facebook since his identity was revealed.

The RSPCA have confirmed an investigation is ongoing. If convicted , he faces a lifetime ban on keeping animals, six months in prison and a fine of up to £20,000.

Sick child abuser michael le vell linked to hope not hate

Disgraced Human being and convicted nonce, Michael Le Vell is currently facing the wrath of the public for his outrageous and horrific crimes committed against young children. However, a quick bit of research reveals that Le Vell was also a supporter of Hope not Hate and friends with Nick Lowles.

It’s not great surprise that another Paedophile has been linked to the left-wing terrorist website, Hope not Hate but it seems that evil leader of the website; Nick lowles actually holds court with these sickening disgraced human beings.Image

Michael Le Vell who is currently facing the music for his abuse on young girls and boys was today linked to Hope not Hate when hacking group Anti-Anonymous hacked into their database to reveal Le Vell was in fact a registered member. 

Eyewitness testimonies have also described how Le Vell and sickening advocate of Pedophilia and disgraced Human being; Tom O’Carroll would meet with Nick Lowles at his house in Leicester.

An elderly neighbor of Lowles called Dorris Pertwee was willing to speak to the Daily Bale, she had this to say. “Lowles, Le Vell & O’Carroll would hold frequent garden parties and make a racket out in the back garden. I once saw all three of them dressed up in womens clothing and running around like wild geese without a cause or hope”…

“Lowles has always been a terrible neighbor to live next to, he has no respect for anybody who lives around him and is constantly playing loud music at all hours of the evening, the people who live here despise him”. 

Mr John Crawford who lives opposite Lowles had this to say, “Nick and his wife Clare are always arguing, I once saw nick slap her across the face with a plank of wood in the lounge”.

The Daily Bale wants to know why Le Vell, O’Carroll and Lowles were holding court in his house on a frequent basis, it is no coincidence that these three convicted pedophiles met on a frequent basis but what were they actually up to?

If you have any information about Nick Lowles, Tom O’Carroll or Michael Le Vell then please get in touch with the Daily Bale. We’d love to hear from you.

Ros Wynne-Jones: Traitor, Pedophile & Communist

Ros Wynne-Jones is a communist snitch who works for the Daily mirror and Hope not Hate, she’s been on our radar for some time. Wynne-Jones who is best friends with disgraced human being, nonce and terrorist; Nick Lowles has been found guilty of fueling the communist expansion.

Failed author and Africa sympathiser Ros Wynne-Jones is one of those Left-Wing middle class hypocrites that sits around all day eating high calorie food and using her obesic fingers to type up poison for the Daily Mirror & Hope not hate.Image

Ros is currently writing for the communist newspaper, the Daily Mirror in what she calls a “Real Britain” column where in fact she’s spieling anti-British red propaganda to trick the working man into thinking she’s on his side but in fact is trying to recruit for the evil Unions that are taking over this country.

If you go to her website (www.roswynnejones.com) you’ll instantly notice how it’s more about Africa then it is about her and what she does. Ros is one of those people that pretends to be morally better than you because she writes the odd article about how black people in Africa are constantly oppressed or are starving.

This is typical behavior for the common middle class Left-Wing morally constructed, PC verminous freak. What’s more worrying is her connections to proven terrorist & hate preacher Nick Lowles who was outed by the Daily Bale as being part of a Pedophile gang with convinced nonce and disgraced human being; Tom O’ Carroll.  

With the connections to Tom O’Carroll & Nick Lowles, this woman certainly has a lot to answer for. It’s entirely feasible that she is in fact a nonce and participates in sick child abuse with her colleagues at the Daily Mirror. 

It seems that Ross has been writing about How good she thinks Hope not Hate is for some years now and spreading the lies and propaganda the unions want you to read. No doubt she’s been to several UAF demonstrations with her greasy anti-british friends. 

We believe although we have no evidence as of yet that Ros is responsible for a lot of the recent Left-Wing troll accounts from pages such as SLATUKIP, SLATEDL and Hope not Hate on the Facebook. If you take a good look at Ros’s obsesic face you can clearly see that she is of the manipulative sort of whom is out to cause trouble for the right wing community. 

We believe that Ros Wynne-Jones is a Danger to Great Britan and should be added to Redwatch along with all of her personal details. The case against her is really growing on a daily basis as she continues to write for these communist publications. 

The Daily Bale will be continuing to watch this nonce with a close eye, we are also appealing for information about ros which may prove useful in our investigation. If you know anything about this vile and sickening woman then please get in touch with us.