Left Wing woman cuts off cats head “for fun”

The Left Wing are always pleased to support animal rights activists at demonstrations and marches but what we don’t often hear about is when the Left abuse animals. Image

A sickening story from Bedfordshire England has emerged where 22 year old disabled woman Leigh Quantrill has been alleged to have remove the head of her pet cat with a knife, claiming it was “for fun”.

Quantrill who runs disability website http://www.leighquantrill.com suffers from a rare form of genetic deformity that manifests itself as a facial error. In may of last year, this woman decided to take her cat into the garden and cut it’s head off with a household knife.

After local residents discovered what she had done, 22 year old Quantrill fled to france where she spends her time marching in Left-Wing demonstrations and UAD type meetings.

Leigh Quantrill’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/leigh.quantrill.3

Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LeighQuantrillcom/214120415283471

IP Address:

Further evidence has emerged linking this woman to the death of several household pets in the Bedfordshire area in 2010.

12 thoughts on “Left Wing woman cuts off cats head “for fun”

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  2. Lol that’s the worst attempt at photoshopping a disability i’ve ever seen. This guy’s a pillock..an untalented pillock. Also he seems to have run out of ideas for stories. Perhaps he can come up with some new ideas while he’s in prison. Better still maybe he’ll change career and give up writing for good.

  3. It wouldn’t be the first time he has been arrested. He is a convicted thief. As he hasn’t altered any posts today he is either in nick or hiding behind mummy because he is, after all, just a silly little boy n

  4. If the amount of complaints are anything to go by he’s already helping the Police with their enquiries. As he’s not altered anything today hopefully he’s locked up and will remain so for a long time.

  5. I know Leigh. Why have you altered this photo of her? Why are you making stuff up about her? She is very attractive, but you have played with her image to suggest that she is not. You have also invented unpleasant actions and attributed your ravings to her. Why are you doing these things?

  6. Wrong facebook page. You’ve edited the picture to give her a ‘deformity’ – she is a vitual aid, she has nothing to do with a disability organisation. Stop making up lies.

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